Coronavirus in Paris: A vaccination center open again in front of the town hall

Better late than never: a vaccination center against Covid has reopened its doors on the forecourt of the town hall of Paris this Saturday, the day of the deadline set by the government for the vaccine recall in order to keep your health pass. And immediately saw the Parisians flocking.

“It was urgent”, breathes Juan, 40 years, leaving the barnum installed in front of the town hall of Paris, his third dose certificate in hand. His health pass expired this Saturday . “When we go out, each time we need the health pass, I did it more for that,” he explained. “I did it mainly for work,” said Abdillah, 40 years old, when he left the vaccination center. “I work in places where there are a lot of people, shopping centers in particular. I can’t go if I don’t have the pass,” he added.

Up to 1.500 doses given daily

Jane, 20 years old, had “still a little time, a month” before losing his health pass. But this employee in the trade preferred “not to wait” to make her reminder of vaccin. Same observation for Antonio, 23 years old, whose pass expires on “12 February”: “I decided to do it now because I had time, I didn’t want to arrive at the last moment”.

Operated by the French Red Cross as part of a partnership between the city of Paris, the Ile-de-France Regional Health Agency and the police headquarters, the center vaccination center is open every day from 10h to 23h, with or without an appointment, except for 5-11 year. Inside, three lines provide access to the 10 boxes, three of which are intended for the vaccination of 5 years.

This center will be able to vaccinate up to 1.500 people per day, and “the capacity will be gradually increased to reach 2.500 to 3. 000 injections per day if necessary”, indicated the town hall of Paris. tens of thousands of health passes are likely to be deactivated this Saturday for lack of a reminder of the anti-Covid vaccine. This deadline was set by the government in November.