Coronavirus: Holiday restrictions, vaccination pass in January in France

PARIS (Reuters) – French Prime Minister Jean Castex on Friday unveiled new measures to tackle the surge in COVID cases – 19 and the threat of the Omicron variant, including the limitation end-of-year festivities and the plan to transform the health pass into a vaccination pass in January.

Speaking at the end of a health defense council, the head of the government has called for the responsibility of the French during the Christmas and New Year holidays, while “assuming” to step up the pressure on the nearly five to six million people who are not yet vaccinated after having “left them the time “to decide.

” It is not admissible that the refusal of a few French people to be vaccinated affects the life of an entire country “, argued Jean Castex.

To strengthen the incentive for vaccination, the government will propose the transformation of the health pass currently required in restaurants and t many public places with vaccination passes, thereby excluding people who had previously used tests.

“We have decided, with the President of the Republic, that a draft law will be submitted to parliament at the beginning of January to transform the health pass into a vaccination pass “, declared the Prime Minister.


“We assume to impose constraints on the unvaccinated”, he added, promising the strengthening of controls and sanctions to fight against the phenomenon of fake health passes.

Jean Castex also announced that from January 3, it would be possible to be administered a booster dose only four months after the previous one, against five currently, presenting this injection as the best way to stem the tide of contamination by the Omicron variant which is spreading “at lightning speed in Europe”.

Until then, Jean Castex called é the French to exercise the greatest caution during the end-of-year celebrations.

“Let us apply a principle of common sense: the fewer there are, the less risks we take. Let’s avoid big parties, big gatherings or big dinners “, asked the head of government.

To avoid temptations, concerts and fireworks as well as” wild “gatherings will be banned on the evening of 31 December, he said.

(Matthieu Protard and Tangi Salaün)