Coronavirus: Faced with the Omicron surge, the Scientific Council fears a “disorganization of society”

The extreme contagiousness of the variant Omicron could lead to a “disorganization” of many sectors in January (supermarkets, transport, hospital, school, etc.) due to a multiplication of work stoppages and “absenteeism”, the Scientific Council warned Thursday.

According to this body which advises the government, it could become necessary to lighten the rules of isolation in order to limit this disorganization, taking into account the fact that Omicron seems to cause less severe forms of Covid – 17 .

A “possible disorganization” of “essential services” in January

We must expect “a possible disorganization of a number of essential services” in January, due to “absenteeism” and “work stoppages” due to ” very large number of contaminations at Omicron ”, warned the President of the Scientific Council, Jean-François D elfraissy, during an online press point.

The “dazzling” transmission of Omicron could translate in January into “several hundred thousand” cases per day, added another member of the Board, Olivier Guérin. This will “pose problems in the strategic sectors of our society’s functioning: food distribution, security, energy, transport, communications and health ”, he continued.

“Adjustments to be made according to the severity of the clinical forms”

According to Prof. Guérin, “this requires thinking” about the current “avoidance rules” (up to days for a contact case ). “This is really new data that we did not have on the other waves, and which is linked to the speed of propagation of Omicron”, he added, estimating that “it is an essential subject

“There will be adjustments to be made which will take into account the severity of the clinical forms” of the disease caused by Omicron, added another member of the Board, Professor Arnaud Fontanet . According to him, these adjustments could also depend on the level of contagiousness of the person at such or such moment, determined by tests, as well as of the “nature of the functions” that it occupies.

These possible “relaxations” will have to be accompanied “by a strengthening of barrier gestures”, said Professor Fontanet. “This is a question that will affect the whole of society” and “we must expect that in January, we operate in degraded mode”, he said, also mentioning the school .

A mathematical increase in hospitalizations

According to first preliminary studies from South Africa, Scotland and England, the Omicron variant appears to cause fewer hospitalizations than Delta .

But at the same time, it is much more contagious, which could therefore mathematically cause an increase in the number of hospitalized patients, especially the unvaccinated and the fragile.