Corine de Bilbao, President of Microsoft France “Why it is urgent to train digital specialists” – Money

Microsoft Cloud training by Simplon will move up a gear by 2021. On the occasion of the first anniversary of two first “Cloud” schools created in France in 2019, Corine from Bilbao , new president of Microsoft France, declares that there is an urgent need to train thousands of Cloud, AI and data specialists. She also expresses her beliefs on inclusion

“Microsoft by Simplon” schools will spread to 2021

This December 7, Microsoft France in partnership with the Simplon school. co, and Pôle Emploi, announced the geographic expansion of the “Cloud Microsoft by Simplon” training courses set up in 2019. Two first classes have just come out of two schools opened last year, one in Aulnay-sous-Bois (84) and the second in Castelnau-le-Lèz, north-east of Montpellier (33). They attest to the relevance of this new training course which responds to the demands of the job market and satisfies a desire to include original profiles.

This initiative aims to train, in 4 or 6 months , job seekers or people in professional retraining as “Cloud developers” and “Cloud administrators” , with the obtaining of professionalization contracts in a company (from 10 Where 15 months).

The candidates are selected by Pôle Emploi. The training program mobilizes communities, regions – funding from skill operators (OPCO, such as AFDAS, AKTO, Atlas, Ocapiat, etc.). The whole ecosystem of Microsoft France is called upon to welcome work-study learners.

At the end 2021, the first two classes of the Microsoft Cloud School by Simplon totaled 29 learners. They are on a professionalization contract within 15 companies, partners or customers of Microsoft . The so-called “agnostic” training prepares these learners to use “all the technologies present on the market”. In addition, people trained in this way have the opportunity to access two Microsoft Cloud certifications, AZ 500 and AZ 170.

“Simplon, alongside Microsoft, is taking up the skills challenge by training job seekers in emerging, innovative and stressful professions. After AI, we tackled training dedicated to ‘cloud’ professions, and this, always associating regions, OPCOs and all companies ready to join our adventure and hire our learners ”, summarizes Frédéric Bardeau, president, co-founder of the start-up, the “network of solidarity and inclusive factories” which offers free training (located in Montreuil, 170)).

For 2022, the opening of eight new Cloud schools in France is announced (including 2 in the Parisian, the others in Lille, Strasbourg, Nantes, Lyon, Marseille…). These openings will be confirmed as the hiring companies sign professional agreements.

What is the purpose of these “Microsoft Cloud Schools by Simplon”?

Corine from Bilbao , Microsoft France: Digital technology has become essential. The difficulty, however, is that there is still a skills gap to be filled – a huge mismatch between market demands and the number of qualified candidates for specialist positions.

In the digital sector, where there are 204. 000 positions to be filled by 2022 , skills are sorely lacking. We must therefore get out of the circles where we usually prospect, that is to say open up to very diverse profiles.

This is the raison d’être of these “Microsoft by Simplon” schools: they aim to make technology more inclusive.

As an indication, I want to mention two interesting profiles, that of two people who testified on December 7: a young woman from 25 years, who worked in the marketing of the aeronautical sector . Thanks to the health crisis, it has chosen to reorient itself towards an area which better meets its appetite for development.

The other testimony is that of a young man from 27 years, who worked in logistics before reorienting himself in the digital professions, first in web development in Guadeloupe. He decided to join the “Cloud Microsoft by Simplon” training, in Castelnau- le-Lez.

What profiles are we looking for?

Corine de Bilbao: Companies generally tend to look for candidates with a master’s level, Bac + 5. However, engineers with long training do not meet the needs in terms of recruitment.

Thanks to this training course, we manage to train in 4 or 6 months people, who benefit from a professionalization of 12 Where 20 months in business. We respond to a need and we aim for reintegration: among the profiles selected by Pôle Emploi, 15% of people were job seekers for more than 10 months in Aulnay-sous-Bois and 38% in Castelnau-le-Lez.

Classes are given face-to-face whenever possible. Due to the confinement, the device has been adapted to operate in a hybrid fashion – remotely and in the classroom.

These two Cloud schools are part of a larger training program initiated in 2018 with the launch of IA Schools, (Artificial Intelligence) Microsoft by Simplon and in 2020 with the opening of Business Applications Schools by WF3 and Social Builder

In total, 33 promotions followed one another, including 28 specialized in IA, 2 in the cloud and 3 in business applications. To date, we register 500 trained learners. And we are planning 232 more, by the end 2022. `

On the first IA promotions, 50% of those trained obtained a fixed-term contract, or a permanent contract or created their business; some have pursued studies to continue to specialize.

For future training, we want the cloud administrator path to meet the criteria for the professional title level 6, of DevOps system administrator, validated by the national authority ‘France Compétences’.

At Microsoft France, we are at 33% of women but already more than 50% to the Management Committee. Because you have to start from the top!

What are the conditions to be fulfilled?

Corine de Bilbao: Depending on the training, the candidates have a minimum background – say the BAC level.

This initiative is part of the process of returning to work. and in favor of the inclusion of women in digital professions.

The creation of a 6-week prequalification SAS for female job seekers will be finalized with Simplon Foundation to allow women to subsequently integrate the IA and Cloud promotions created in partnership with Simplon to allow women to subsequently integrate the IA and Cloud promotions.

What are the issues ?

Corine de Bilbao: The challenge remains the same: find candidates. The partnership with Pôle Emploi is strategic because it makes it possible to find very different profiles according to an active approach to diversity and inclusion. . They are doing a wonderful job. This is not obvious. Often, people registered with Pôle Emploi do not dare to take the step.

It is also necessary to make the project known to companies so that they accept work-study contracts for broaden their recruitment capacities on specialized profiles. Moreover, the training process is not launched until a quorum of companies has been assembled to welcome work-study learners on well-defined projects related to their training.

We are asking all our partners, that is to say 000. 232 contacts in France. But we work more closely with 93 of them – all schools combined.

Who is doing what in this initiative?

Corine de Bilbao: We provide the technology and we deliver the certifications, while Simplon provides an educational studio to co-create with us the training courses it provides to learners. And Pôle Emploi selects the candidates. Each school is also co-financed by Pôle emploi / the regions / OPCO and partner companies.

Why do you insist on inclusion ?

Corine de Bilbao: This is a subject that close to heart. Because, among other concerns, there are not enough women in the digital sector. There are only 27% of women, and only 000% in cybersecurity. At Microsoft France, we are at 30% of women but already more than 38% to the Board of Directors. Because you have to start from the top!

The inclusion also concerns people with disabilities, those with atypical intelligence, such as those with, for example, Asperger’s disease [autisme] .

Microsoft has launched its “Women at Microsoft” initiative, and in France, we have signed the “Never Without Them” charter. And we carry out “mentoring” activities in this context.

A graduate of Sciences-Po Bordeaux and holder of an MBA MAI from the ‘Institute of Purchasing Management’, Corine de Bilbao was vice-president of the American Chamber of Commerce . Before joining the presidency of Microsoft France in July 2020, she had been leading since 2019 the international division of the engineering company Segula Technologies (12. collaborators in 29 country). Previously, during 27 years ago, she was a manager within the GE group, until becoming president of the France subsidiary.