Controversy at Parc Astérix, a family denounces violence

Wikimedia Commons / Obelus Nothing went as planned for five members of the same family who surrendered at Parc Astérix on 28 October. As part of the Halloween night, says Le Parisien, these two boys and three girls, aged 16 at 28 years, accuse the security service of the park of violence. It all started around 20 hours in front of the attraction “The House of Fear”. Many people were waiting, the queue was long. Then several family members went to get drinks, while the others waited. When they returned, the situation began to escalate. “Don’t you find it disrespectful to pass in front of everyone?” dropped a security guard on them, describes Le Parisien. The youngest of the group explained the situation, and while the discussion was not progressing, she would have proposed to start the whole line again from the start.While other people reportedly supported the group, security asked them to follow them, in a place withdrawn, a room. The management assures that the young people frequently overtook everyone. “The first time, visitors were called to order verbally in front of the carousel, then were taken to the technical area to remind them of the park’s rules,” she says. If this version is not contested, the sequel is much more serious. The family members explain that they were taken to the parking lot, one of them pushed to the ground and the two boys beaten, molested and put on the ground, then handcuffed, retraces the daily life. Women would have been victims of violence also, including a flashlight. A scene that would have lasted about twenty minutes.

In the process, the family left the park and went to an establishment in Seine-Saint-Denis to have the injuries certified. A doctor found bruises on several parts of the body and ratified temporary incapacity for work (ITT) from three to 21 days according to the members. Five complaints were filed on 28 October and November 1 in Créteil, Villepinte, and another in Chantilly in December. The management denies this version, evokes aggressive young people and the intervention gendarmes in civilian clothes. She adds, arguing that she has all the video recordings attesting to her statements, quoted by Le Parisien: “They are the ones who take over in the event of a disturbance of public order. Our agents are not authorized to do so and moreover are not equipped with handcuffs.” An investigation is underway, it is led by the gendarmerie of Orry-la-Ville. Receive our latest news 1425557 Every day, the selection of main news of the day.