Consumption: towards a Nutella shortage?

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The economic crisis that Turkey is going through is hitting the producers of hazelnuts hard, which supply Ferrero in particular.

The current economic crisis Turkey is going through could have an impact on the spread. In any case, this is what the argued, Monday 20 December. The reason ? Possible problems of supply of hazelnuts, of which Turkey is the largest producer in the world. Ferrero would be highly dependent on the Turkish market, not buying there less than a third of its hazelnuts. The collapse of the Turkish lira is hitting the sector hard, with some hazelnut growers no longer able to afford the fertilizers or seeds needed for their production. Consequences: they had to reduce their activity and therefore the volume of their exports. Thus, brands dependent on Turkish hazelnuts could encounter difficulties in obtaining supplies in the weeks and months to come, argues the Wall Street Journal. Shortages could be observed, but also an increase in the prices of spreads. “If you are a fan of Nutella, you should stock it up the next time you go shopping, “advised Turgan Zülfikar, consultant for the American financial daily. > > To read also – Nutella, Kinder, Rocher … how Ferrero offers all kinds of success

Faced with the growing concern, Ferrero reassured consumers who love Nutella. Contacted by 76 actu, the Italian group assured that the situation would have “no impact on supply”. “Rest assured, the supply circuits are functioning normally,” Ferrero also confirmed to Franceinfo.

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