Comunali Milano, Bernardo corrects the shot: “I’m anti-fascist like all Italians”

“I think my story speaks for itself. I am an anti-fascist as I believe all Italians”. This was stated by the candidate for mayor of the center-right in Milan, Luca Bernardo, on a visit today to the Pirelli HangarBicocca vaccination center.

“Let’s think instead of our elderly”, added Bernardo, who showed the photo of the partisan grandfather and grandmother who “hid so many escaped people at home”.

Now, the candidate for mayor of Milan for the center-right fixes the shot. He reverses, turns around, tries to throw water on the fire of the controversies that have arisen after declaring: “I do not distinguish people between fascists and anti-fascists”. Sala responded by attacking him head-on: “Anyone who does not have the courage to declare himself anti-fascist – was the comment of the outgoing mayor – is unworthy to govern Milan, a gold medal city for the Resistance”. Bernardo replied by counterattacking: “Accusations artfully created under the umbrella and fueled by social media”. Today, however, August 15th, he must have rethought us and has finally decided to make a declaration of anti-fascism. How – he believes – “are all Italians”. His utterance had aroused a harsh stance from the Milanese dem deputy Emanuele Fiano who, in a long post on Facebook, had retraced the darkest stages of fascism .

Fiano: “Nobody accused her of being a fascist, but there is a difference, and how”

“Nobody accused you of being a fascist – writes Fiano – so don’t defend yourself from accusations that have not been leveled at you, because it is useless. You claimed that you do not differentiate between a fascist and an anti-fascist, and it is very serious. Very dangerous. A bad teaching for the younger generations. The difference is there and how ” .

“The Italian fascists – adds the deputy pd – promulgated in 1938 the most inhumane racial laws in our history, those that chased the school my parents, Liliana Segre, Piero Terracina, and all the Italian Jewish children, who had our grandparents fired, prevented him from working re, the companies requisitioned him etc, and in your opinion there is no difference between fascists and anti-fascists? ”