Comment from Ulrich Reitz: Hats off, Ms. Baerbock, finally content! But I still have a few questions

With their proposals on climate policy and immigration, the Greens are finally bringing content to an election campaign that has so far been empty of content. So one can only thank Mrs. Baerbock. But I still have some Questions.

Legislative texts in gender language, a ministry for the most ambitious climate policy of all time, a ministry for generous immigration and quoted migrant participation: You really cannot accuse the Greens would be theirs Hide ideas.

You put them on the table, that’s honest and it’s a good thing. It stimulates the discussion about Germany’s future, it promotes democratic strife, which is what has been lacking most in this strange election campaign so far.

What the Greens present are maximum demands. That is not a bad thing either, it contributes to clarity. Before a huge compromise of everything is negotiated day and night in coalition negotiations, it is good for voters to know what the parties stand for.

With their climate and immigration plans, Baerbock finally brings clarity – and puts Laschet under pressure In this respect, one can only thank Annalena Baerbock and Robert Habeck. The fact that the Greens are putting pressure above all on the Union, especially the CDU, whose candidate for chancellor wants to dive into the Chancellery with statements that are as water-soluble as possible, can only be welcomed for the sake of clarity.

In spite of all the daring that is demonstratively on display – not everything that the Greens recommend is new. Sometimes the copyright is where you would not expect it to be. The first celebrity who wanted to expand the Federal Environment Ministry into a super ministry with veto power in the cabinet was called Klaus Töpfer – a man with a CDU party book.

That was 1988. Back then, Töpfer’s argument was the same as Baerbock / Habeck’s today: The ministry that looks after the fate of the planet must have the same power as the Federal Ministry of Finance, and it has always been the only house with the right to veto.

That sounded far more alarmistic then than it does today. Which is why the then Chancellor Helmut Kohl let his party colleague Töpfer rudely flashed, even while his spin doctors were singing mocking songs. Maybe it’s still good to know today. That the CSU happily got involved in the ridicule at the time.

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Greens want to rebuild Germany – I have a few Questions, Ms. Baerbock! In any case, it is becoming increasingly clear that and how the Greens want to rebuild Germany. In fact, they don’t bother with trifles. Whereby a big hit always means: a big risk.

The majority of Germans are not yet known due to their pronounced willingness to take risks. In this respect, the Greens, Baerbock in particular as the front woman, take a high personal risk.

However, such claims always serve the purpose of reinsurance in our own warehouse. That made Baerbock considerably insecure with all sorts of strange things, which is why she now has every reason to seek solidarity with her party and its ideals.

Of course, the ideas and plans of the Greens raise questions. Here are just a few to start the debate:

With the Climate Pact, the Greens go in Europe in advance, so: Will the other countries follow the Germans – or would they rather use their comparative cost advantage resulting from the costly greening of the German economy? Ergo: Does it really make sense to go it alone on a national German climate? Or is it destroying wealth? The Allowing greens to cost a lot – exactly how much for which industries? For example, do chemistry, mechanical engineering, metal processing and other energy-intensive industries still have a future in Germany? One of 2038 on 2030 early withdrawal from coal will be how expensive? Real estate is the first to pay the drastically increasing CO2 price -Owner – what should keep them from passing this on to the rent? Which increases by how much? Is that desired from a climate policy perspective: Single-family houses only for Rich? Baerbock would like an immigration ministry. The Ministry of the Interior, which today watches over the security of migration, is said to lose these powers. What does this mean for immigration security? Is a security clearance of immigration even desired? For immigration, what counts for climate policy applies: Will Germany’s neighbors be inspired or deterred by the expansion of immigration that the Greens expressly intend to do? Anyway, what will Eastern European countries be, the completely different ones Follow migration concepts like Poland , Czech Republic and Hungary , but also say from experience that countries that are critical of immigration, such as Denmark and Austria, about a German immigration offensive? Are the borders tight? Denmark, for example, wants zero asylum seekers and already has one Concept presented. The Greens want the opposite. Question: What is happening in Flensburg, for example? Baerbock wants a participation law for immigrants. This is a proposal from the almost infinite modular system of identity politics, which turns a society of all into a collection of strictly separated individual groups along with securitized minority claims. What then ultimately counts more when filling vacancies: origin and skin color or qualifications? Today every federal government has a balanced system of Integration skeptics and integration advocates. The skeptics always sit in the Ministry of the Interior and look at crime statistics with a realistic view. Should that still take place at all? On the other hand, there are integration officers, in their DNA not only the almost exclusively positive view of integration. But sometimes also a proper position based on universalistic cultural relativity. Is that supposed to be the benchmark for integration in the future? Unforgotten in this context the social democratic integration commissioner Özuguz (2018): “Beyond the language, a specifically German culture is simply not allowed identify. “Is there a German dominant culture at all? Is Islamism a Barrier to Immigration? Or a reason for deportation (which it is not today either)? Baerbock opens a barrel. Let’s see who comes to the party.