Coffee: this tip is an even more effective way to fight fatigue

Everyone knows those days when it is particularly difficult to get up or continue working after lunch. Fortunately, coffee is there to get us back on track. Usually, fatigue goes away very quickly afterwards. However, if you think that after a long night or a heavy meal you will need a cup or two to wake up, why not try a simple trick: take a nap of 20 minutes immediately after drinking. Both methods are known to help the body release energy stores to make it through the day. If you combine coffee and a nap, this effect can even be increased.

The Coffee Nap brings a maximum energy

Drinking coffee first, then falling asleep directly can work wonders – although the two seem to be mutually exclusive at first, as the drink is actually supposed to help keep the mind awake. However, it only does this after the stimulating caffeine has been absorbed into the body. It takes about 20 minutes. So, if you lie down immediately after drinking, you will feel much more rested after minutes.

The scientific context

Due to its structure, caffeine is able to displace the adenosine messenger of fatigue at the receptors of the brain. It makes us feel much more rested after a cup. If you also take a nap, adenosine is broken down in the body. This means that caffeine can dock directly to any number of free receptors minutes after being absorbed and thus function even better.

Use coffee and naps well

It is important not to sleep too much to have the “kick”. So make sure you set an alarm clock so you can get up after 20 minutes. Otherwise, if you sleep longer, you won’t notice how caffeine works, and your body may go into a deep sleep phase as well. You may therefore be even more tired than before.

Via GQ Germany