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What is clubhouse?

As a result of the increasing use of social networks day by day, many platforms are created and offered to the use of people. Clubhouse, an application that has been recently launched, is one of the social platforms that have been recently launched. In this article, What is Clubhouse and how to use it, we will give you information about this application.

What is clubhouse

In fact Clubhouse What is it?

Clubhouse is an invitation-only social network platform launched by Alpha Exploration in 2020. People who signed up for this application, which was first released in April 2020, can only communicate via voice chat.

If you want: Let’s take a look at how to use the Clubhouse together.

How to Use Clubhouse?

People who want to use the clubhouse need an invitation to become a member of the application. So how to Get a Clubhouse Invitation Let’s look at this now.

clubhouse homepage

We have shared with you that someone who uses the application must send you an invitation to use this application. Now, let’s answer the questions of Clubhouse members How to Send Clubhouse Invitations.

How to Send Clubhouse Invitations

  1. To send a Clubhouse invitation, you must first open the Clubhouse application.
  2. After opening the application, there is a letter sign at the top of the main page. People who want to send a
  3. Clubhouse Invitation must click this sign.
  4. After clicking on the relevant sign, users must select the two friends to invite Clubhouse from this page and allow them to join the application by sending an invitation.

It is very important to know that the people you want to invite to the application will use this application because Clubhouse is an application that works only with the invitation system at the moment.

Because at the Club House, people have 2 invitation rights when they first join, and those who want to increase these 2 invitation rights should actively use the application.


In short, the more you use Clubhouse, the more people you can invite to the application. For this reason, it is very important that you spend a lot of time in practice and enter the rooms that are found.

Users who receive a Clubhouse invitation can easily open a Clubhouse Account by clicking the link sent in the relevant invitation. If you wish Let’s continue reading What are ClubHouse Hacks and How to use them?

Clubhouse Android Hacks

Here is how we will use our cheat, please pay attention here before touching on this subject, because the post here contains very important information, here is a simple way to learn what you can do with the video below!


Clubhouse Android Hack Clubhouse was founded by software developers Alpha Exploration Co. is an invitation-only social networking application that includes voice chat. The company, which was valued at approximately USD 100 million in December 2020, reached a market value of USD 1 billion on January 21, 2021. Wikipedia

Although Clubhouse might introduce its personal official Android app at a later date, these builders have checked out how Clubhouse android was designed and have been in a position to piece one collectively themselves. Android has a a lot greater market share in lots of international locations exterior of the worldwide west, the place Clubhouse has shortly grow to be standard. Globally, roughly 85 % of smartphone customers use Android; iOS is extra standard within the U.S. and Japan.

Audio-focused app Clubhouse is at the moment solely out there to iOS customers, and by extension, solely to individuals who can afford (and who select to personal) an iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch.

Is Clubhouse Hack Safe?

In this part of our article titled What is Clubhouse and How to Use It, we will answer one of the biggest questions that users who want to become a member of Clubhouse. This question is the question whether Clubhouse is safe.

Considering in general, it is possible to say that people do not have full information about this application because Clubhouse is a very new application. Although voice chats are not recorded in the Clubhouse, we do not know if the relevant conversations are exported by people.

  • Since Clubhouse is a very new application, the moderation problem in the application causes people not to approach the Clubhouse safely.
  • The right to share personal data with 3rd party applications is reserved.
  • There is no information about whether the instagram, twitter and contact list information of the people who registered to the Clubhouse are shared with another platform or not.

Considering these factors, Clubhouse is a popular application, but it causes users to think whether they will experience privacy and security problems in the future.


In order to delete these questions in the minds of Clubhouse users, it is expected that people will make explanations about their questions from the ClubHouse hack application.

How to Become a Clubhouse Member?

People who want to become a member of Clubhouse, which is one of the popular applications of recent times, should be invited to the application with a reference. After the invitation code of the people who will become members of the Clubhouse is shared with them as a message, they must click on the relevant link and download the Club House to become a member. After that, to open Clubhouse membership;

  • User name
  • Phone number
  • Verification Code
  • Name and Surname information
  • User name
  • Photo selection

Is requested. Members of the Clubhouse are required to set their notification permissions after entering the relevant information. After that, you will be asked to open the contact list settings to find your friends in the Clubhouse. After clubhouse membership, people will be asked to choose their interests. Generally, the areas of interest in the Clubhouse are as follows;

  • Life
  • ID
  • Religion
  • Language
  • Fears about the world
  • Entertainment

The application will send you to the main panel in order to use Clubhouse after choosing from the topics that are within the areas of interest such as.

Clubhouse Faq

What is a clubhouse? The answer to the question is wondering. How to use Clubhouse, the new social media application falling like a bomb on social media? One of the most talked about topics since January is the new app Clubhouse. Clubhouse, which is actually a communication application, differs a lot from other applications. The most important feature is that you cannot use it without sending an invitation. How Does? Here are the details…


There is no text message, comment, appreciation or photo sharing, video chat in Clubhouse.
In the application, which does not have a conventional home page flow, interaction is provided through voice chat rooms. The application is currently only available for iOS users.


There are many rooms in the application. When you become a member of Clubhouse, you mark your own interests as in many social media applications.

In these rooms, communication takes place only by speaking, by voice. You can only listen to what is spoken in the room, or you can join the conversation with the permission of the moderator.


For now, you need to download the application, which is only available to iOS users, to your device first.

After choosing a username and verifying your account via SMS, Clubhouse puts your account on a waiting list.

Clubhouse gif

If a user who is already a member of the application sends an invitation, your membership process is completed without entering the waiting list.

After the membership process is completed, you can join the chat rooms with different topics that interest you, as a listener or as a speaker through voice interaction.


To subscribe to the Clubhouse application, a friend who is already using the application must send you an invitation code. You cannot become a member without an invitation code. The Clubhouse invite code is where people try to add each other on many forums and websites.


You can get the Clubhouse invitation code from a friend who is a member of the application. Or you can get one of the codes shared here by typing Clubhouse in the search field on Twitter. There is no way other than these methods to get the code into the application.


Working with the invitation system, Clubhouse is a mobile application that appeals to a limited number of users and is still under development and is currently very popular. Developers are still working on the Android version for Clubhouse, which can only be used by iOS users with the invitation system, but there is no official application in the Play Store yet. In addition, it is not enough to have an iPHone phone alone for Clubhouse. At the same time, your phone’s operating system must be iOS 13 and above.

It is stated that the application, whose popularity is increasing day by day, is also being developed for Android devices.

Clubhouse Features

In this part of our article titled What is Clubhouse and How to Use It, we will give you information about the features of Clubhouse. Since Clubhouse is a social network platform, it has many features that make it easier for users to communicate with other Clubhouse users.

Voice Chat; The first feature that distinguishes Clubhouse from other social networking applications is the voice chat feature. Users who are members of the Clubhouse can participate in the conversations in the voice chat rooms within the application. However, those who want to open their own voice chat room can open a voice chat room thanks to the Start Room feature.

clubhouse android hack For android

Linking to Twitter; People who are members of the Clubhouse can use the Twitter linking feature. Thanks to the Twitter linking feature, Clubhouse users can go to their Twitter accounts directly by clicking the Twitter icon in their profiles.

Instagram Linking; Another feature of the Clubhouse is the Instagram Linking feature. Users who add Instagram to the Clubhouse can access their Instagram accounts with a single click.

Opening a Special Room; If Clubhouse users want to chat with a person, they can open a private room and talk to people on their contact list thanks to the Club House’s private room option.

Search Feature; Another important feature of the Clubhouse is its in-app search feature. Clubhouse users can easily find people to follow by going to the search icon. Users who click on the areas of interest in this section can also find and follow people who have added certain areas of interest to their profile.

Thanks to these features, Clubhouse provides its users with the opportunity to actively use this application and also enables people to meet new people with whom they will chat according to their specific interests.

When Will Clubhouse Come to Android?

Clubhouse is currently an application that can only be used on the IOS operating system and cannot be used on Android devices. Android users who want to use Clubhouse, on the other hand, have the only question in mind when Clubhouse will come to Android.

Clubhouse android hack

Clubhouse android hack

Clubhouse states that for those who have this question, this application is currently only available for the IOS operating system and that the developers continue to work for the Android version of Clubhouse.

For this reason, the answer to the question of whether Clubhouse is available on Android phones is that the application is not officially available on Android devices at the moment.

Is Clubhouse Paid?

Clubhouse, a social network platform launched in April 2020, is free to use at the moment.

By downloading this application, you can enter the chat rooms in the application for free and share your ideas with people.

How to Get a Clubhouse Invitation?

clubhouse android hack

You can contact your friends and ask them to invite you to be invited to Clubhouse, an application that you can only join by invitation. Or you can convey that you want to join Clubhouse in the invitation chains that have recently been launched on Twitter and Instagram.

Clubhouse android hack Download

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Clubhouse reviews: Who is Talking?

Let me start by saying that this is, by far, the most excited I’ve been about a new social network since Instagram first entered the ring. But, in my couple days of usage, I’ve began to notice one thing that really stands out as being a bit annoying: lack of speaker indication. When rooms have a healthy amount of people on the stage, you find yourself playing a game of hide & seek as you tediously scroll to find who’s avatar has the ring. So here’s my 2 possible suggestions & wishes:

1) As they already have for “Followed by Speakers”, make a “Moderators” section at the top of the room and a “Stage” section below it. Then make it to where speaker notifications (“___ is speaking” as a drop down notification) are exclusive to when a moderator is speaking. This way, the amount of scrolling to find who is talking would be reduced to on stage participants only. And the audience will be alerted when a moderator is speaking.

2) Decrease the profile sizes of those on stage as the number increases so that more avatars can fit on the screen. That way, when someone is speaking, we can see who it is without scrolling as much.

Apple Clubhouse Reviews Amazing app

I absolutely love clubhouse, the only thing that I dislike is industry people charging others to speak on a free platform that was built to create the connection between the industry world with individuals who are somewhat already in the industry. I feel like clubhouse needs to keep the app invite only maybe doing 1 invite every two months to stop the app from being over saturated like Facebook or Instagram where anyone can join. I think they need to have someone go into these rooms and make sure all guidelines are being met because most of them are not. This shouldn’t be a popularity app, but a tool to help creative minds link with professionals and network. People should not be charged to enter a public room by people claiming to be professionals. Cashapp’s should not be allowed in profile descriptions on a public platform. And I feel like being that the app was create to be an open form raising of hands should not be disabled. Moderators should just pick who that want on stage but not make someone feel less then by disabling hands.