Clitomania: what if you adopted the new Womanizer?

The (re) discovery of the clitoris

He has become a feminist icon that comes in pendants or earrings, screen printed on T-shirts or tagged on city walls. In ten years or so, the clitoris has undergone its revolution.

It is far from being the onanic organ considered by Freud, and a good part of the first psychoanalysis, as linked to an infantile period of enjoyment, a contrario of another type of orgasm associated with vaginal penetration which would make so-called feminine sexuality more mature. Its 8 or so nerve endings are today the object of the attention of the scientific community which finally makes it appear in 3D in textbooks, after many centuries of back and forth between concealment and stigmatization.

And if you yourself are in the learning phase, it is Moreover, it is worth remembering that this distinction between “vaginal” and “clitoral” orgasm is quite simply unfounded, the deep roots of the clitoris being responsible for the stimulation during penetrations.

New generation sextoys

These (re) discoveries around the clitoris have not escaped the attention of sextoy manufacturers. Since 2014, a new toy has come to dethrone with fanfare the good old vibrating plastic duck that we represented in movies or television series.

The Womanizer, known more colloquially as “ clitoral vacuum cleaner ”, Is a new generation sex toy since, thanks to the air propulsion and“ Air Pleasure ”suction technique, it sends people with clitoris to seventh heaven in a few minutes.

Today is a whole new range of even more efficient and stylish products, the Womanizer Premium 2 , the Classic 2 and the Starlet 3, which join the collection of the now famous German brand. You will find them all on the sexshop Senkys.

Stylish toys

There was a time when sex toys necessarily had an oblong and phallic shape, an oversized size and a color less delicate. We stashed them at the back of a cupboard, they barely started a hellish racket and we would have confessed to owning a collection for nothing. In short, there was a time when sex toys were systematically heterocentric, modeled on the codes of pornography and designed from the point of view of male penetration.

Womanizer is one of those sextoy companies that have shaken up the codes of solo pleasure. Both graphic and elegant, their silicone toys are available in various colors ranging from pastel pink to Klein blue, including indigo or turquoise. They can easily be slipped into a travel bag and an uninformed customs officer will only see fire during checks at the airport!

At most close to desires

The products in the Womanizer range are always as close as possible to the wishes of its users because they are tested beforehand on a panel more than 10 testers. And each one has its characteristics: the Womanizer Premium 2 is equipped with fourteen intensity levels for optimal pleasure while the Womanizer Classic 2 has an Afterglow function which allows the clitoris to gently descend after orgasm. And all are equipped with “Smart Silence” technology which allows the machine to immediately silence the machine when it is no longer in contact with the skin – to avoid any unpleasant surprises.

The Womanizer is therefore an excellent way to immerse yourself in all efficiency in your masturbatory sexuality while stimulating your imagination in relationships with several. If the Womanizer has nothing penetrative, it allows you to open the sexual field to new perspectives.

For heterosexual couples, it can just start to to fill the famous “orgasm gap”, reference to the orgasmic difference in favor of the man in the sexual relations. The pleasure of the woman is thus placed at the center, without injunction to the penetration. For lesbian couples, the Womanizer makes it possible to introduce a toy into sexuality that does not seek to pastiche the penis.

So, in a word, in 2022, let’s face it, cap on the clitoris!

Photo credit: Senkys