Clichy: the town hall forced to offer accommodation to evacuated families

Published on 14 Jan. 2020 at 16: 33

It is a respite of a few months, for families in an irregular situation of 93, rue Henri Barbusse in Clichy (Hauts-de-Seine). Evacuated from their building in danger in October 2020, they have been housed by the town hall since last summer, following a decision by the Cergy administrative court. The town hall of Clichy had appealed against this decision, which has just been rejected by the Council of State, on 30 last December.

The families will therefore remain in their temporary accommodation until the trial on the merits of this case with many twists and turns. In October 2020, about fifty inhabitants had been evacuated from a dilapidated building in Clichy. Twenty of them were immediately offered accommodation by the town hall. But the others, people in an irregular situation, including three families and eight children, remained unresolved.

Families without papers on the street

The town hall directed them to the 115, the state’s emergency accommodation. There followed several months of wandering from hotel to hotel through the department of Hauts-de-Seine, causing difficulties for the children, educated in Clichy.

Faced with this situation, a collective, called 93, rue Henri Barbusse, was formed to demand better treatment for these families. Associations, educational community and municipal opposition were also outraged by this situation and have been mobilizing for over a year.

Some of the families seized the administrative court of Cergy, to ask the town hall for emergency rehousing. He agreed with some of them: families with children. For the other applicants, who are single, the court did not recognize the emergency situation.

Trial on the current merits 2020

Last September, the town hall therefore offered accommodation to the three families concerned, in an aparthotel in Asnières. Two families have accepted it, the third has rejected it and therefore remains in Rueil-Malmaison, in accommodation offered by the 115. The two families housed by the municipality feared having to leave their accommodation following the appeal of the town hall, but its rejection by the Council of State, in December, therefore allows them to stay.

Courant 2022 must open the trial on the merits of the case. It will make it possible to determine whether the town hall had to offer, or not, a permanent accommodation solution for the undocumented inhabitants of 93, rue Henri Barbusse, as it ‘made for people in an irregular situation.