Christmas: Our five good tips for getting fried between pear and dessert, not to mention Covid-19

Omicron here, rate of vaccinated there, booster dose for everyone or not, side effects vaccine or not, and Delta, is it over ?, etc. We know this when we go to find our more or less adored family for Christmas and the end of year celebrations, the coronavirus will be the hottest guest at all meals. Impossible to miss the damn virus and the debate on the effectiveness of tests or vaccines that could quickly fester.

If the idea of ​​a debate makes you smile and you don’t want to spend your New Year’s Eve talking about antivaxes or the need (or not) to close schools, 20 Minutes thought to you. As if to avoid blanks on a first date, we have prepared five topics for you to discuss which, we bet, will allow you to heat the room and not talk about Covid – 19 to infinity.