Christmas gifts: the rush for board games, “a safe bet because it is played with the family”

Faced with more recent toys and video games, the great classics are still popular: board games.

“If we take last week, in the Top , we have five board games, great classics always like La Bonne Paye, Docteur Maboule, Qui est-ce? … “, explains Rodolphe Brondy, purchasing manager at the JouéClub Village. In the aisles of this Parisian department store, to a floor is dedicated to board games. of Christmas , the salespeople reload the shelves constantly, you even have to zigzag between the customers who stack the boxes in their arms.

” These are easy to install games , continues the manager, accessible to all ages, from four or five years for some “. Games that have been able to renew, such as Monopoly by example, now available in versions: Star Wars, Naruto or Casa De Papel ….

With this comeback, board games have even become intergenerational. ” In our youth e, we were playing Risk and apparently our grandson enjoys it, rejoices Annie, 74 years, I know that one came out on France. It is a safe bet because it is played with the family. The package will be opened immediately, that’s expected! ”

During confinement, adolescents and adults have relearned to play. appearance in the shelves. ” There I have three different games. There is one that has made a lot of talk: Exploding Kittens , details Yann, 27 years, who has decided to offer board games to all his relatives. I don’t know the others at all, I was attracted to the image. ”

“I think it’s nice that we can all play together after the meal for example.”

Yann, board game fan after the meal

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4877793 A also means for parents to distract the youngest from the screens. ” It will get her out of her phone and social networks , welcomes Anne, come find a game of chess for his daughter Violette. I was very happy that she ordered this from me. It will occupy part of the evenings, already time to learn, and then it’s a nice sharing, I think . “Violette has already planned a game on Friday evening, just after the opening of gifts.