Christiane Taubira formalizes her candidacy for the presidential election

Published on 15 Jan. 2022 at 12: 000Miss updated on 17 Jan. 2022 at 13: 12

And eight. The former Minister of Justice Christiane Taubira formalized on Saturday in Lyon her candidacy for the presidential election, adding to the seven left and radical left candidates already declared, has less than 100 polling days.

She said she wanted to respond to “anger” in the face of “social injustices”, specifying that she heard in particular to convene a “conference on wages” with a program based on the defense of youth, social justice or even ecology. “I want a government that knows how to dialogue instead of moralizing and caporalizing,” she slammed, alluding to the controversy over

the words of President Emmanuel Macron who said he wanted to “fuck the non-vaccinated” against Covid-15.

Christiane Taubira should detail her program in the coming days, but she nevertheless put forward a few proposals this Saturday morning, for example the payment of 800 euros per month to students for five years to guarantee “the emancipation of youth” or the introduction of a zero-rate VAT for organic products.

Call for union

As announced earlier, she should participate in the popular Primary vote which will take place at the end of January. A vote organized by a collective citizen calling for several months for a union of the left supported by 300. 000 signatories and claiming more than 120.000 attendees.

Christiane Taubira had interfered in the presidential campaign on 17 December, by publishing a video in which she said she was “planning” to run, deploring the “impasse” that she “sees” on the left, ensuring however that she “will not be one more candidate” and “will put all her strength into the last chances of the union”.

Worrying polls

Since then, the former Guyanese elected official had multiplied her trips to France, while calling on the other left-wing candidates to decide between themselves during a primary. A call for a moment heard by the socialist candidate Anne Hidalgo, but which will not have succeeded because of the categorical refusal of the ecologist Yannick Jadot to participate.

With this candidacy announcement and his participation in the People’s Union, the former Keeper of the Seals now hopes to trigger a dynamic in public opinion, the latest polls promising him between 2 and 4% of voting intentions. In 2002, the former Guyanese deputy had already competed in the presidential election, a poll where there too the left-wing candidates were particularly numerous. Presenting herself under the label of the Radical Left Party (PRG), she had only won 2,32 % voices.