Chris Wallace Grills Mick Mulvaney Over Resignation From Trump Admin: ‘Why Now?’

Fox News anchor Chris Wallace on Sunday pressed former performing White House chief of workers Mick Mulvaney to elucidate why he resigned from his position as U.S. particular envoy to Northern Ireland this week after the revolt on the Capitol, after enabling Donald Trump all through his presidency.

“After all of the controversial things Donald Trump did over the past four years, why was this week the final straw? Why now say that you can no longer be part of his administration?” Wallace requested on “Fox News Sunday.”

Mulvaney stated he may defend “almost all” of the issues Trump was criticized for, arguing that they have been largely coverage and “stylistic” variations.

But “Wednesday was different, Wednesday was existential,” he stated. “It was wrong. And I think it was important for those of us who used to be on the inner circle … who was not a never Trumper to come out and say that.”

Mick Mulvaney is doing his greatest to rewrite historical past on Fox News

— Aaron Rupar (@atrupar) January 10, 2021

“You were chief of staff for more than a year. Do you feel any responsibility for enabling Donald Trump?” Wallace requested later within the interview.

“I feel a lot of emotions this week. I was shocked, I was angered, I was sad, I was angered, I was embarrassed, I was frustrated,” Mulvaney stated, including that he was nonetheless “trying to figure out what I could have done differently.”

He admitted that he was mistaken to argue, in a Wall Street Journal op-ed revealed six weeks in the past, that Trump would concede gracefully. He stated he actually believed on the time that Trump would go away in a “presidential manner.”

Mulvaney then advised to Wallace that Trump and his advisers had modified since he left the performing chief of workers place 9 months in the past.

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