Chance of one in 500,000: Rare phenomenon in Israel: Baby is born with a fetus in its womb

Chance of one to 500. 000: Rare phenomenon “Fetus-in-fetu”: Baby is born with the fetus in the belly

In Israel gives birth to a baby who has a fetus at birth. This must be operated on the little girl from the stomach. Doctors call this extremely rare phenomenon “fetus-in-fetu.”

In the Israeli city of Ashdod, a baby with a fetus was born earlier this month . This had to be operated on from the body of the newborn girl, as reported by ” The Times of Israel “.

In medical jargon, doctors speak of “fetus-in-fetu” that is, fetus in fetus: There are initially several Fertilized egg cells that develop in parallel. After a while, a fetus will take in one or more fetuses. A so-called “parasitic fetus” is created. The phenomenon is extremely rare and only occurs in 1 out of 200. 000 births worldwide. Fewer than 200 cases are ever documented.

In this tweet the ultrasound image of the fetus is too see.

“Fetus-in-fetu “Phenomenon due to possible twin pregnancy Back to the case in Israel : The attending physicians recognized in the late stages of pregnancy that the baby’s belly was enlarged. After the natural birth, the doctors examined the little girl and discovered something in her stomach: “We were surprised when we discovered that it was an embryo “, Omer Globus, head of neonatology in Assuta, told the newspaper.

Finally, two similar “bags ” were removed during the operation. “We believe there is more than one gave , “said Globus. The medic emphasized that the remains were not a fully developed embryo. According to him, however, the doctors were able to recognize some bones and a heart.

The operation was successful and the little girl is expected to make a full recovery. She was able to leave the hospital with her mother, who already has three other children.

A similar case made 2015 headlines: A girl is was born in Hong Kong with twins in her stomach. FOCUS Online reported on the case and answered the most important questions.

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