Chainsaw Man: his gory universe under censorship fire?

In recent days, the manga Chainsaw Man has been making headlines. This sudden media hype follows the annual Jump Festa event. Among all the announcements made during the Jump Festa on 14 last December, a big file planned for 2022 has emerged.


The announcement of the anime adaptation of Chainsaw Man was a real surprise and since then, a major question hangs over this new project.


The ultimate in gore soon on our screens

There are a large number of manga and anime whose content is quite violent and could offend the sensitivity of some fans. When you think of the bloodiest manga of recent years, names like Tokyo Ghoul and Shingeki no Kyojin are the perfect illustration. Chainsaw Man is the same caliber and to put it mildly.

Tatsuki Fujimoto, the author of Chainsaw Man is used to bloody universes and his previous manga Fire Punch is of the same ilk. . Several scenes in the manga Chainsaw Man can be a source of controversy because certain passages are so shocking. Fujimoto is not afraid of censorship and always flirts with the red zone.

His non-conformist style appeals to fans of his work, but the censors are never far away. It is well known that content of a violent nature is always to be hung with tweezers. However, this gore side is inherent in the universe of Chainsaw Man and cannot be concealed at the risk that the story suffers. But its anime adaptation could well face censorship.

The second part of the manga already in preparation

The first part of the Chainsaw Man manga titled “Public Safety Arc” ended on 14 December 2020. The chapter 18 of this arc made a lot of talk when it was released. The chapter in question follows Denji’s battles against Makima. We see the young man relaxed, enjoying a real feast. There is meat as far as the eye can see, but this beautiful meal hides an appalling truth.

We will learn in the following lines that it is about the remains of Makima and the we can say that there is enough to lose the appetite. It is true that it is not the most shocking scene published in the Shonen Jump, but it is the one that has attracted the most attention. Additionally, cannibalism isn’t the scariest scene in Chainsaw Man and the dark side of this manga is quite unique. Each volume of Chainsaw Man is a real bloodshed.

Suffice to say that sensitive souls must abstain. But, isn’t this aspect likely to hinder its adaptation in anime? Several manga of the same genre have also been the victim of censorship with several blurred scenes or which go by the wayside. This displeases fans who wish to see an anime that stays true to the letter to the manga of which it is an adaptation.

What is your opinion on censorship in manga deemed too violent and gore? Do you think the adaptation of Chainsaw Man will also be subject to censorship? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

Source: ComicBook