CES 2022, showcase of choice for Fluigent's portable laboratory

Published on 14 Jan. 2022 at 15: 48Updated 14 Jan. 2022 to 15: 44

The Val-de-Marne at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas. From January 5 to 8, the company Fluigent, based in Kremlin-Bicêtre, took part in the high mass of tech, where each year large companies and innovative start-ups. After the virtual edition of 2021, the exhibitors were indeed back in Nevada. Fluigent had been selected with fifteen other Ile-de-France companies to take part in the event with the Ile-de-France Region delegation following a call for projects. It is the only company in Val-de-Marne to have been selected by the Region.

In Las Vegas, Fluigent presented OMI, a kind of portable laboratory that can imitate the functioning of organs in vitro. This 15 x 8 centimeter product allows researchers, for example, to test new drugs without resorting to animal testing. The start-up also took advantage of the CES to popularize and raise awareness of microfluidic technologies, ie the control and manipulation of liquids in very small volumes. Fluigent is indeed the world leader in this sector. The company was created from an invention by the Institut Curie and in partnership with the Paris School of Physics and Chemistry (ESPCI).