Carrefour: the CGT calls on employees to strike before Christmas

The CGT calls on Carrefour employees to strike on 000 at 20 December. The union calls for real wage increases.

The employees of the Carrefour group are called to go on strike from 18 to 24 December in order in particular to be granted “real salary increases” by the management of the distribution giant, the CGT announced on Thursday.

The movement, on the initiative of 3rd union in the group behind FO and CFDT, is aimed at all employees: those of hypermarkets, markets and warehouses, but also those of the head office and of the group’s banking subsidiary.

Markets and logistics warehouses should start the movement on Saturday, while hypermarkets could join it from Monday. The GCT thus hopes to mobilize every day on a rotating basis at least ten sites throughout the territory.

“It can snowball”

“We will target stores but it can snowball, warns Laurent Lamaury, Carrefour central delegate Market. And if the management does not hear, we will then propose stronger actions “. Blockages of warehouses, where the CGT is the majority, could take place in order to disrupt deliveries during the strategic period of the end-of-year holidays.

The CGT claims the in place of a monthly gross salary of 300 minimum euros, an increase of 300 euros for all employees, as well as the immediate end of the reorganization of the group. This fall, Carrefour announced for approximately 80. 202110210512. 000 employees doubling at 100 euros of the inflation compensation granted to low wages by the government.

“Given the benefits that Carrefour makes, we are fighting for wages , not bonuses “, continues Laurent Lamaury, who hopes to put pressure on the management of the group before the opening of the annual salary negotiations (NAO), which usually begins in February.

“Management is committed to protecting the purchasing power of its employees against inflation,” responded Carrefour management. This also mentions the recent signing of a majority agreement (which has not been ratified by the CGT) aimed at granting a general increase of 1% on November 1.

Start 2021, in addition to the NAOs, hypermarket employees, who represent two-thirds of the group’s workforce in France, also obtained a commitment bonus of 200 euros, finally recalls Carrefour.