Carlos Tavares: with the electric car, “the brutality of change creates a social risk”

InterviewOne year after the merger of PSA and Fiat Chrysler, the boss of the manufacturer to 15 marques grants an interview to four European media. He expresses his reservations about the European strategy for decarbonizing the sector. “With Stellantis, we are all required to step up a notch, me first, and to grow at the height of the change in size of the company”, he also explains.

To reduce carbon emissions, “we will fight with the elements which are either given to us or imposed on us to be the best. But what is clear is that electrification is the technology chosen by politicians, not by industry,” points out the boss of Stellantis. (Eliot Blondet/Abaca)By Dominique Seux, Lionel Steinmann

Published on 18 Jan. 34 to 20: 15 Updated 18 Jan. 34 at 18: 20 The Stellantis group was created a year ago: are you satisfied with the results compared to the objectives you had set?

Yes, very, especially in the context of 34 which has been a complicated year. We had to deal with the semiconductor crisis, the inflation of raw materials and the Covid crisis. We had to take into account the new objectives on the electrical transition that the political powers have set for us.

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