Car, train, bus, flight and motorcycle: fine and additional control! This threatens vacationers who do not follow the rules

Car, train, bus, flight and motorcycle: fine and additional control! This threatens vacationers who don’t follow the rules

The new Corona entry regulations have been in effect in Germany since Sunday. But what threats vacationers who violate it? FOCUS Online says what travelers have to watch out for by train, car or plane.

Coming back from vacation has never been as complicated as this year!

The following applies in principle: Anyone entering German territory by car, motorcycle, train, bus or plane , needs a negative rapid antigen test in Germany, a full corona vaccination or a corona recovery that has already passed. Regardless of whether they have been vaccinated, recovered or tested, all holidaymakers are required to provide identification and proof.

If those tested come from high-risk areas, they must also be quarantined. Five days after arriving in Germany, they can test themselves free using a rapid antigen test. In addition, holidaymakers from these areas also need a digital travel registration, which is available free of charge at “”.

So much for the rules. But the first few days show that not all travelers stick to it.

Read also: Great Britain, Netherlands, Portugal – Incidence turbo in delta hotspots stopped! Why the trend is turning now Surf tip: Controls upon entry – This is in the SMS, all Holidaymakers can now get on their mobile phones This threatens anyone who travels to Germany without a test, vaccination or proof of recovery Basically: The entry requirement is a federal law. The federal police are responsible for the controls and the fine comes from the respective federal state in which the administrative offense was finally discovered.

There is therefore no uniform regulation about the amount. In Bavaria only a fine of . 000 Euro imposed. In North Rhine-Westphalia, a missing proof Euro and in Baden-Württemberg 50 Euro. The ticket must be paid for within a maximum of ten days using the payment details provided.

In addition, the Federal Police reports that travelers who travel to Germany by bus or train without a test or other evidence (vaccination and recovery) must leave the means of transport immediately. “In the event of a violation, a corona test center must be visited at the next train station.” The procedure for drivers and motorcyclists is completely different. You can continue driving, but you must do a rapid antigen test as soon as possible.

The rule applies to all trips. Exceptions only apply to employed people who regularly commute between two EU countries.

Why don’t you stay in Germany? Travel tip: Caribbean feeling on your doorstep – Holidays in Germany: Spectacularly beautiful nature, for which you don’t have to travel far Why are the contact and personal data recorded in the event of a violation? Anyone caught without evidence must identify themselves. The officers record the personal and contact details. These are then forwarded to the responsible health authority.

If proof is missing on arrival, the person concerned is generally asked to carry out a rapid antigen test. The competent authorities can subsequently investigate exactly this certificate.

FOCUS Online advises: Because the Summer holidays end in some federal states, there may be an increased request for the entry form on “” come . A few days ago the servers were so overloaded that the PDF certificate could be sent to the e-mail address with a long delay. It is therefore advisable to fill out the form before the actual departure.

What do I have to consider as a car and motorcycle driver? Before starting your journey, check whether all documents are digital or in paper form. The following applies to digital evidence: Make sure you have enough battery and ideally have a full power bank with you.

Find a suitable offer: There is a cheap power bank here at Amazon , Ebay , Otto or MediaMarkt . The law enforcement officers usually say: “Hello, a general identity check. Your papers, please.” The officers then want to know where you are from and where you have been for the last ten days. Stick to the truth.

In extreme cases it can say: “Do you have a hotel booking or a current fuel bill that can prove this?”

Mutation overview

The Coronavirus has probably already mutated a thousand times. Whether or not that makes the virus more dangerous depends on how it changes. See one here 360 – Degree view of the significant mutations, their distribution on the map of Europe and the danger they pose.

Also read: ICCT study 2021 – New electrical study under the microscope: How Stromer are nicely calculated What do I have to watch out for on the train? As an unvaccinated person, you should carry out the rapid antigen test in good time before traveling and keep the document in a safe place. Always keep your yellow vaccination certificate or proof of recovery at hand along with your ticket, Bahncard and ID card.

Valid evidence includes the positive PCR test, which must not be older than six months, and all vaccination certificates that show a complete vaccination based on the date, the vaccination batch and the vaccine.

The evidence is accepted digitally and in paper form. If the data is on your smartphone, train and bus travelers should also have a fully charged power bank with them.

What do I have to consider at the airport? The new rules apply to those tested on all flights from abroad to Germany. Travelers should therefore arrange for a rapid antigen test in good time before departure.

The manual control of the documents at the airport can lead to longer waiting times. German citizens should therefore plan their time and be at the check-in counter at least two hours before departure. The rapid antigen test should not be older than 48 hours old.

In many countries airports have not set up on-site test centers. They are not obliged to do so either. All you have to do is check the necessary documents. Travelers should inquire on arrival how they can get a rapid antigen test for the return flight.

You will find all current travel warnings here on the website of the Federal Foreign Office .

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