Capitol assault one other reminder of ‘two Americas’ that exist: OPINION

Currently there’s lots of finger-pointing occurring in our nation.

January 9, 2021, 11:00 AM

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Growing up, my household of 5 shared one tv in the lounge of our small condominium on the eastside of Detroit. We have been poor — secondhand clothes, meals stamps, blocks of presidency cheese within the fridge — however on the times the ability wasn’t turned off, tv helped us overlook our circumstances. It was the keeper of desires, an digital catalog of treasures we hoped to acquire sometime.

Our household watched “The Dukes of Hazzard” each Friday evening. For my mom — who’s from rural Mississippi, not too removed from where Emmett Till’s body was found — and my stepfather, who’s from a South Carolina city of lower than 4,000, the present reminded them of the South that they had fled. For us children, it was about slapstick comedy and the General Lee automotive.

We’d go outdoors, pretending to run moonshine though none of us knew what that was on the time. We made bow and arrows utilizing wire hangers we discovered within the alley close to discarded needles and damaged glass. And we pretended to run from police, just like the Duke boys, too younger to grasp Sheriff Roscoe P. Coltrane might not shoot Bo or Luke, however would haven’t any downside capturing us.

Black children in America do not get to be “good ol’ boys, never meaning no harm” as within the present’s theme tune.

Black children in America are sometimes not seen as innocent boys or women. In 2018, a National Association of Social Workers’ report revealed, “Black youth are approximately 14% of the total youth population, but 47.3% of the youth who are transferred to adult court.” The Government Accountability Office discovered that Black Ok-12 college students are additionally extra prone to be suspended or referred to legislation enforcement than their white counterparts.

These findings are a part of the bigger racial disparity that simply performed out in our nation’s capital for the world to see.

Currently there’s lots of finger-pointing occurring in our nation after the home terrorist assault on the Capitol, with a lot of it directed at President Donald Trump. The actuality, nevertheless, is that the extra distasteful elements of Trumpism existed lengthy earlier than his presidency.

The forty fifth president did not create the water threatening to sink our democracy, however he punched holes in what was already a leaky, papier-mâché dam.

Long-lasting dams, the sort a rustic based on white supremacy wants so as to create a extra equitable society, require time, sturdy materials and dedication.

That’s the dam the Reconstruction Era, the 14 years following the Civil War, was supposed to construct. President Abraham Lincoln promised 40 acres and a mule. Instead, his successors gave us paper and glue and we have been making an attempt to patch up the holes ever since.

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