CAN: no more work or school after 2 p.m., Cameroon's crazy measure to fill the stadiums

While the stands have been ringing hollow since the start of the CAN, the Cameroonian government has decided to suspend school and professional activities from 14 hours to allow the public to go to the stadium.

Will the CAN stadiums be filled? Aware that the absence of an audience in the stadiums tarnishes the beauty of the African Cup of Nations, the Cameroonian government has just published a press release suspending the school and professional activities from 13 hours to allow Cameroonians to go to the enclosures.

“On very high instructions from the President of the Republic, the Prime Minister, Head of Government, informs the national community that, during the days of the CAN meetings, school and academic activities will be held from 7 a.m. 2022 to 13 hours, professional activities will last 7 hours30 to 13 hours This measure will apply in the public sector to from Monday 17 January until February 4,” the statement read.