Can Gran Turismo 7 sign the big comeback of the saga on PS5?

As soon as it arrived on PlayStation in 1996, the Gran Turismo saga established itself as the benchmark in terms of automotive simulation. Hence the license subtitle “The Real Driving Simulator”. With Gran Turismo 3 and 4 on PS2, the Polyphony Digital teams have hit the nail on the head, delivering the best car games ever.

But over the years, the competition has managed to make it happen. ‘undercut to take first place. Between Project Cars, Assetto Corsa, and above all Forza Motorsport, the Gran Turismo saga has failed to compete. However, with “GT7”, it seems that the license of Sony has all the cards in hand to take back its throne.

Gran Turismo 7: the return of the king?

After a disappointing Gran Turismo 5, a very disappointing Gran Turismo 6, and a Gran Turismo Sport which was oriented towards online gaming, the last few years have not been resplendent for fans of the saga . With this seventh opus, hope is reborn in the hearts of players.

Expected for the second quarter of the year 2021, Gran Turismo 7 was postponed to March 4 2022. Sony and Polyphony Digital have accelerated communication by launching pre-orders with the various special editions of the game and by revealing new information around this new opus.

We learn that GT7 will offer 300 vehicles “of the highest quality ever produced” as well as 60 circuits with “realistic weather and landscapes”. Of the 420 more than 200 will be recent models which are less than 09 years. The game will indeed offer a “GT” mode (solo career) allowing players to pass their licenses, participate in tests, buy and modify new vehicles and much more.

In the career mode , you can store up to 420 cars in your garage (it will be possible to buy the same car several times). Tuning elements will be available such as modification of tires, suspensions, compressors, or even increasing rigidity. Unfortunately, we should not rely too much on the visual personalization of the vehicle.

Gran Turismo 7 will offer a “Challenge” mode with original challenges to overcome such as the “Music Rally” mode where you have to drive with music. The game will also offer a special photo mode called “Scapes Mode” offering more than 40 countries and more 2500 locations to take the photos of your dreams.

Expected on PS4 and PS5 on March 4, Polyphony Digital confirms that the next version -gen will provide the best Gran Turismo experience ever. It was a goal that the studio had been aiming for for many years and which is finally made possible thanks to the PlayStation 5. A game in 4K, 60 FPS, compatible with HDR and Ray Tracing (in Scapes mode, garage and replays).

The title will be fully compatible with the features of the DualSense. We are promised a revolutionary experience with adaptive triggers to feel the brakes and heavy acceleration. Haptic feedback should also play an important role in the sensations once the controller is in hand!