CAN 2022: Tunisia's reserve rejected, Mali's victory confirmed

The fate of the incredible Tunisia-Mali has been decided by the organizing committee of the African Cup of Nations 2022. The reserve of the Eagles of Carthage was not retained and consequently the Malian victory was recorded, 1-0.

This Tunisia-Mali will remain in the history of the African Cup of Nations. And also in the history of football. But for inconvenient reasons. The referee of the match, Janny Sikazwe, had thus stopped the match too early, twice. A first time at the 85 minute, before understanding his mistake and restarting the game. And a second time seventeen seconds so too early in regulation time and therefore without adding additional time. More than half an hour after this incredible stoppage of the match, the decision to resume the match had been taken. But without Janny Sikazwe, then replaced by the fourth referee. And finally also without the Eagles of Carthage who did not appear on the lawn.