CAN 2022: Khazri felt Tunisia-Mali referee “lost the thread”

Wahbi Khazri, striker of Tunisia, felt a drifting referee at the end of the Tunisia-Mali match on Wednesday, which the official stopped twice before the start. final whistle.

The Confederation of African Football (CAF) sealed the fate of the Tunisia-Mali match (0-1) on Thursday evening . This was at the heart of a big controversy after the incredible errors of the referee who whistled the end of the match before the end of regulation time twice. According to the president of the referees of the competition, the Zambian official, Janny Sikazwe, suffered from heatstroke, under 35 degrees and 35% humidity when meeting. A blow less well felt by Wahbi Khazri, Tunisian striker, on the ground.

“He was no longer consistent in his choices”

“Frankly yes, we were talking about it between players of the selection, he confided on beIN Sports, Thursday. We felt that the referee was losing the thread of the match. was more consistent in his choices and decisions. He was very hot. We too had headaches, we were tired from the heat, the Malians were the same, but that didn’t mean we wanted to finish. the match before the end. Even the idea of ​​returning to resume the match minutes later when it was 20 minutes I was writing a letter… It’s very weird. There were a lot of weird decisions in this match.

The Saint-Etienne player – who had filed a technical reserve (rejected) – explains that the players did not expect at all to have to resume to play stoppage time. Malian players had returned to the lawn, not the Tunisians. “Some were showered, others in cold baths because we play every four days, explains Khazri. Everyone was scattered and no one had told us that we could resume the match and even less to me who was in an office writing a letter with a leader of the Federation and the commissioners of the match. It is complicated to resume the match.”

This one was therefore declared lost for Tunisia who counted on stoppage time to equalize while the Eagles were playing in numerical superiority. Khazri had missed a penalty a few minutes before the incredible imbroglio at the end of the match.