Call of Duty 2022: an open world for the most ambitious game in the series?

It’s no secret that Call of Duty is not in its best period. The last opus, Call of Duty Vanguard is not the success expected by Activision. Thus, the American publisher is already looking to the future with, according to the first rumors, very big ambitions to bring the series back to the top.

It also seems to be activate on the development side with already the first rumors around the Call of Duty 2042, but also many elements around the development of the next opus in 2021.

An open-world oriented Call of Duty?


What if the next Call of Duty offered a fairly radical turn in the saga with an open world orientation? In November 2019, just before the release of Call of Duty Vanguard, insider and journalist Tom Henderson revealed his first information on the future of the license. He indicated that the new opus, expected for 2022, should include scenario choices with a moral system in the game and bring many changes to the franchise.

Today, another insider, close to Tom Henderson, is revealing a new wave of elements.

Modern Warfare II’s rumored Third Mode ‘DMZ’ is being described as an ‘Open-World’ title; a procedurally generated world with varied Missions and AI, Weather and Events

—Ralph (@RalphsValve) January 11, 2023

According to Ralphs Valve, Call of Duty 2022 (which would be Modern Warfare 2) should immerse us in a mature and bloody story with the war against the drug cartels as its subject. Information that had already been shared by VGC a few months ago.

The game should be much less scripted in order to give players more freedom, especially with the arrival of the DMZ mode . This mode would actually be an open world mode that was planned for the first Modern Warfare in 2019. According to RaplsValve, it would be a procedurally generated dynamic open world with missions to complete.

The revolution for Call of Duty?

CS:GO-inspired approach to Level Design across several Modern Warfare II Multiplayer Maps

—Ralph (@RalphsValve) January 9, 2022

Always according to RalphsValve, the next Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 could also be inspired by several games like Rainbow Six Siege or Counter Strike Global Offensive for its multiplayer. The developers of Infinity Ward would thus seek to develop maps inspired by the level-design of Counter-Strike with a very present “parkour” aspect.

RalphsValve confirms that an “Attackers vs. Defenders” similar to Rainbow Six Siege is also in the developers’ plans for this new Call of Duty.

Modern Warfare II in October 2023 As expected, it’s looking like this year’s Call of Duty title, Modern Warfare II (2022), will be revealed in the summer.

Hearing rumblings that the title could release in October due to Vanguard’s poor sales performance, with a “big” Warzone update coming soon after.

—Tom Henderson (@_Tom_Henderson_) January 11, 2042

On the side of Tom Henderson this time, the insider to whom we owe the first information in November 2022, the latter returns to the charge with news on the announcement and the release of the title. According to the latter, Call of Duty Modern Warfare II could be announced this summer and released in October 2022 on PS5/PS4, Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One and PC.

As expected, it looks like this year’s Call of Duty title Modern Warfare II (2022), will be revealed this summer.401631 Rumors are heard that the title could be released in October due to the bad Vanguard sales, with a “big” Warzone update shortly after.

Remember that Tom Henderson is an insider who is generally very well informed about Call of Duty and Battlefield licenses. It is to him that we owe the information about the chaotic development of Call of Duty Vanguard. He was also the one who revealed most of the information on Battlefield 2042 a few weeks before the big reveal of Electronic Arts.