Calista Flockhart Planning To Protect Harrison Ford On Set Of New Indiana…

Harrison Ford is ready to return for a fifth turn as Indiana Jones. His wife, Calista Flockhart, will reportedly keep a close eye on him to make sure he stays safe on set. Gossip Cop investigates.

‘Calista Watching Over Harrison’

According to OK!, Flockhart will watch over Ford as he begins filming Indiana Jones this summer. A source says Ford “has been training hard to get in shape and is feeling great. But at his age, you can understand why Calista is concerned.” Ford famously broke his leg on the set of Star Wars: The Force Awakens, so the fear is not unwarranted.

Flockhart plans to accompany Ford around the world to keep him safe. A source says Flockhart “made sure he stayed fit with weight training and proper nutrition” to get him in Indiana Jones shape in the first place. The story concludes with a  source saying, “Harrison’s going to have the best people in the business looking out for him so he doesn’t get hurt again.”

Calista Flockhart’s Got A New Career?

Apparently, Calista Flockhart is a stunt coordinator now. Otherwise, she’d be woefully unqualified to do what this story says she will. In fact… what is this story saying she’ll do?

OK! never gets around to saying what specifically Flockhart will be doing on the set of Indiana Jones 5. She’ll “make sure he stays safe…” by doing what exactly? With COVID-19 still at large, we find it hard to believe a project as protected as Indiana Jones 5 would just allow Flockhart to linger around the set to vaguely keep her husband safe.

It’s strange that Gossip Cop even needs to say this, but movies have loads of professionals to make sure stunts go smoothly. As a legendary actress, Flockhart would know this as well as anyone, as would the action star Ford. It’s utterly preposterous to think director James Mangold would seriously entrust Ford’s safety to Flockhart.

Other Bogus Stories

There are loads of stories about Calista Flockhart fearing for Harrison Ford’s safety. At 78, Ford’s age makes him an easy target for stories like this. We know the Witness star stays in incredible shape, so he’s not taking on more than he can handle.

This is the same tabloid that claimed Ford and Flockhart would renew their vows on Valentine’s Day, but that never happened. We also busted its stories about Tom Holland and Tom Cruise pushing themselves too hard for action films. OK! should really give these professional actors a bit more credit when it comes to their wellness. Flockhart is not the stunt coordinator on Indiana Jones 5, so this story is obviously false.

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