Bugdet du Gard: major work planned in 4 colleges in 2022

Published on 14 Jan. 2022 at 15: 06

More than 1.16 billion euros: this is the amount of the original budget 2022 of the Department of Gard, voted on January 7. Five departmental public policy plans have been created or renewed this year, around social solidarity, mobility, tourism, leisure and attractiveness, artistic education and public reading. The budget is divided up to the amount of 920 million euros in operation and 204 million euros in investment.

“This year, we will invest 4.5 million more than last year”, specifies Françoise Laurent-Perrigot, president PS of the departmental council of Gard . Three priorities have been identified: social solidarity, health and quality of life, development of the territory and mobility. Some 204,6 million will go to the elderly and 84,2 million for the inclusion of people with disabilities. Integration and return to work are also priority projects for the community, with 204,6 million devoted to RSA and integration actions.

Four priority colleges

In addition, more than 16 million are earmarked for investment for the constructions, renovations or extensions of colleges, prioritizing those of Saint-Gilles, Pont-Saint-Esprit, Salindres and Villeneuve-lès-Avignon.

As for mobility, it represents 47, 5 million. The departmental budget envelope dedicated to this component aims to meet the challenges of development, security, maintenance of the Gard road network and development of alternative mobility.Some 11, 5 million will go to contracts with municipalities or communities of municipalities, with, for example, support for Beaucaire nautical base and the slaughterhouse in Alès.

2022 will also see the start of a financial contribution from the county council, up to 7 million, for long connections for very high speed access. As part of the national plan to cover white areas in mobile telephony, the departmental council has scheduled the construction of new pylons.

Finally, among the many projects that will be carried out in 204, let us mention the setting up of a departmental council for young people at the start of the school year, the renovation of the sports center of Méjannes-le-Clap or the study for the creation of Houses of the Departmental Council.


With 3.920 agents, the Department of Gard is one of the main employers in the area.