Budget: the city of Paris discreetly reduces the sails

Pixabay Bad news for

Paris City Hall. The Finance and Procurement Department sent him a note indicating that part of his operating budget would be frozen,

reports Le Parisien , this Thursday 10 January. 13% should not be spent. Similarly, the investment budget is also burdened by 5 to 10%, according to the directions. “The freezing of credits is a usual practice. The voted credits are blocked in part, the directions do not have the right to spend everything”, specifies a senior official. As a reminder, the budget was voted last December at the

Council of Paris.

The assistant (PS) in charge of finance, Paul Simondon, wished to react to this announcement. “The setting aside of part of the appropriations at the beginning of the year is a usual expenditure steering exercise. It is a regulation mechanism which does not affect the budget adopted last December by the Council of Paris (…).

The health crisis, by its unpredictability, reinforces the need to use this good management tool, which has been praised by the rating agencies and which is not specific to the Parisian community “, he answers.

“Never seen”

“The figures mentioned … it’s unheard of!”, However, warns Julien Bargeton, former deputy in charge of finance under the first term of office of Anne Hidalgo (PS). “This shows that the budget is very tight and that if the revenue is not there, the City of Paris will be in difficulty”, he says. According to several borough mayors (LR), many projects are facing considerable delays or even risk being threatened. “We can see that the City is desperate,” said Philippe Goujon, mayor (LR) of the 15th century. “Usually, at each term of office, a large school complex of the 15th century is the subject of a complete renovation. The Cardinal Amette Dupleix group has been completely redone for a budget of 30 at 40 million euros. For this mandate, we had agreed to completely redo the Brancion school group. It would take a budget of 13 at 28 million euros but the announced envelope is only 5 million. The work will be much less important!”, Regrets the right-wing elected representative, in the columns of Le Parisien.

“The renunciation of the mayor of Paris to make a Mandate Investment Program (PIM) was the first indicator of this lack of financial means “, specifies Geoffroy Boulard, the mayor (LR) of the 17th century. “In September, the City announced to me that the widening of the sidewalks on rue Cardinet and the creation of a cycle path would be abandoned even though the project had been presented to me two years ago: we no longer have a budget. , if you want them, finance them yourself! the services told me, “says the mayor of the 17th century, annoyed.

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