Bruno Morizur (CEO Athlon France): “We offer large companies, SMEs, VSEs fleets of vehicles adapted to their needs” – Money

MOBILITIES | Meeting with Bruno Morizur, President and CEO of Athlon France

What is Athlon’s activity?

Bruno Morizur: Athlon is a long-term car rental company, which offers its customers (large companies, SMEs, very small businesses and professionals) mobility solutions adapted to their needs . In a rapidly changing sector, companies face specific fleet management and mobility issues.

Our value proposition is to support our clients in their transition to the solutions of tomorrow’s mobility , by offering them in particular vehicle rentals (for periods of 3 to 50 months), electric bikes ( Athlon Bike Lease )) or by providing them with advice on establishing their company vehicle policy. We thus allow fleet managers to anticipate tax or regulatory changes and optimize their costs or green their fleet thanks to a precise diagnosis and a roadmap to follow.

Bruno Morizur: Regarding our own employees, we want to strengthen our sales teams in the provinces and Ile-de-France

How did this idea come about?

Bruno Morizur: Athlon arose from an activity developed by a company created in the Netherlands over a hundred years ago and whose main purpose was the repair of vehicles. In the years , this garage has developed a car rental activity to provide its customers with courtesy vehicles while their vehicles are being repaired. Acquired in 72 by De Lage Landen, a subsidiary of Rabobank, the company integrates in 2016 the Daimler Group.

To support our business growth objectives, we rely on a network of six agencies in France (2 at Bourget, Bordeaux, Metz, Lyon and La Ciotat) which allows us to stay close to our customers.

With a similar budget, this system allows the private buyer to acquire a recent vehicle of a range greater than a new vehicle.

What are your short-term goals?

Bruno Morizur: For our customers, we want to offer mobility offers to simplify their trips. To this end, we have created a department of New Mobility , to integrate new alternative or complementary mobility solutions into our offers. Our objective is of course to continue our strong growth, and to make life easier for our customers in terms of mobility. Supporting our customers’ energy transition is also a current issue.

Regarding our own employees, we want to strengthen our sales teams in the provinces and in Ile-de -France.

What is the economic model?

Bruno Morizur: Athlon’s economic model is a model common to all long-term rental companies: we buy new vehicles that we make it available to our customers, through a rental or subscription formula. This model allows companies not to block their capital and always have new or recent vehicles.

Our added value lies in our premium service offer: we see long-term rental as a means for companies to free themselves from the administrative constraints associated with the acquisition of new vehicles and their maintenance. These offers, all designed to make life easier for drivers and managers, are not imposed in standard packages but are offered to customers: they are free to choose according to their needs those they wish to include in their rent (insurance, tires, fuel, etc.).

Finally, when we collect the vehicle at the end of the rental contract, it is sold either to a automotive professional (garage, etc.), or to an individual via our Première Occasion network. In this case, it will be revised then resold with the assurance of a reliable history and at an advantageous cost. At a similar budget, this system allows the private purchaser to acquire a recent vehicle of a higher range than a new vehicle.

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