Although it left us still very young, with only 32 years, Bruce Lee left a series of films and movies that can be timeless, the result of having started his career when he was just a child. We made a ranking with all the actor’s films, from the worst to the best!

NOTE: the films are sorted from worst to best, taking into account your score on the website IMDb.

19. Bruce Lee & Nora Miao

Release year: 1953

IMDb Score: 5.4

In 1953 Bruce Lee was part of the cast of Ci Mu Lei (or in English A Mother’s Tears ). The film had no premiere in Brazil, hence only having titles in Chinese and English – something you will see happen throughout the list.

In this drama produced in Hong Kong, we follow the story of a mother who goes through great difficulties in raising her three children after the death of her husband. Unfortunately for her, not all of her children were friendly – the oldest was dishonest and the middle daughter was superficial, yet the youngest (Bruce Lee) was the mother’s pride. The oldest son and middle daughter are affected by a disaster, leaving the mother and child alone.

18. Qian wan ren jia (A Home of a Million Gold)

Release year: 1953

IMDb score: 6.0

The film tells the story of a householder named Cheng Yao Tang who ended up declaring his business to be completely bankrupt and who now intends to continue living a life of luxury thanks to the support of his second daughter Jin Huan Zhang.

The film is essentially based on family relationships and the dishonest behavior of the person who should be the head of the family. Qian wan ren jia was not released in Brazil, however you can easily find the movie on YouTube (however without subtitles). Bruce Lee had a secondary role in this production.

17. Ku hai ming deng (A Son Is Born)

Year Of launching: 1953

IMDb score: 6.2

Again, this is a film completely centered on family relationships, a strong theme in the productions made in that part of the world. In this film a young Bruce Lee of just 13 years old plays the role of a child who is for adoption.

After many ups and downs his adoptive family ends up accepting the youngster, however, everything changes when the youngster’s biological family comes to ask for custody of him. A film with a very strong dramatic charge and that sends a very nice message about morality.

16. Fu zhi guo ( It’s Father’s Fault )

Release year: 1953

IMDb Rating: 6.2

How could it not be Fu zhi guo , is another film with a strong family theme, focusing on the relationship of a couple in which the man behaves erratically, jeopardizing the health of his family environment.

Bruce Lee, again plays a young character (son of the couple) who ends up suffering from his father’s actions. This is a work of fiction that serves as a piece of awareness, since during the time of 50 there was a strong desire in that part of the globe to promote good family practices.

15. Gu er xing ( Orphan’s Song )

Release year: 1955

IMDb score: 6.4

Another film that was not released in Brazil, having been produced exclusively for the Hong Kong public. In Gu er xing we follow the life of a businessman who tries to steal the wealth of the Wu Xiangfu family. The plot is very strange with many betrayals, poisonings and of course, deaths.

This was another production in which Bruce Lee participated with only 13 years, already showing enormous potential at the time. In Gu er xing he played a minor role, without much prominence.

14. Detective Marlowe in Action

Release year: 1970

IMDb score: 6.4

The young Orfamay Quest hires Detective Philip Marlowe to try to find his missing brother. While he was unable to resolve the Orfamay case, he ends up finding compromising photos of the TV star Mavis Wald who was being blackmailed.

Detective Marlowe offers his helps Mavis, however she rejects it under pressure from her gangster boyfriend. The doubt remained in the air, was the disappearance of Orfamay’s brother connected with this case of Mavis? In the movie Bruce Lee plays the role of Winslow Wong, having an action scene in the detective’s office very cool!

13. The boy

Release year: 1950

IMDb score: 6.5

This film was very important for Bruce Lee’s career, as it was the actor’s first as a protagonist. With just 10 years old he played the main character of The Boy , A-Chang. In the film the young man had been raised by his uncle Yee and trained by the skilled thief Fung.

Despite being categorized as a drama, The Boy has several moments of comedy and in the overall turns out to be a really fun movie.

12. Wei lou chun xiao ( In the Face of Demolition )

Release year: 1953

IMDb Score: 6.6

Wei lou chun xiao is a film quite different from all the others on this list. Here the film tells of a man named Luo Ming who ends up renting an apartment and becomes a housemate for four more people. Time goes by and strangers become friends and one of the inhabitants becomes Luo Ming’s wife.

However, the building where they lived was in danger of ruin , one day they are evacuated and the building collapses. From that moment on we accompanied the group of people in an attempt to build their new home.

11. The Tragedy of an Orphan

Release year: 1955

IMDb score: 6.8

In this production we accompany a man who was wrongly sentenced by To-Chai-yan to seven years in prison for selling fake drugs. During this period, his son is born, being alone in the world, because his mother ends up dying.

When the man escapes from prison he discovers that he has a son and decides for this helps you but always in secret. It is from that moment that To-Chai-yan discovers what is going on and tries to kill them both. Bruce Lee, with 15 years, played the role of the child.

10. Zha dian na fu ( Sweet Time Together )

Release year: 1956

IMDb Score: 7.0

Zha dian na fu is a comedy and Bruce Lee plays in this production the role of a young teenager who is discovering his sexuality.

Yeung Siu-lung (Lee’s character) uses a false identity to pass as an older man and get into a strip club, but things don’t go as expected. The film still has many scenes in the iconic amusement park of Lai Chi Kok.

9. Zao zhi dang cu wo bu jia ( Too Late for Divorce )

Release year: 1956

IMDb score: 7.0

Zao zhi dang cu wo bu jia focuses on the story of a talented singer who ends up retiring and marrying a man she hates. However, she welcomes a pupil to whom she decides to pass on all her knowledge, however, she falls in love with him.

Even so, she renounces all the feelings she feels for him even when her husband dies and decides to become a nun. Bruce Lee plays his son’s role.

8. The Chinese Dragon

Release year: 1971

IMDb rating: 7.1

Bruce Lee here plays the role of Cheng, a man who leaves Thailand for China to start a new life, going to live with his uncle and cousins. After starting to work in an ice factory, two of Cheng’s cousins ​​accidentally discover that there is a drug hidden inside the ice.

Cheng’s cousins ​​end up disappearing and now the your mission is to find the two family members, while defeating the gang led by the criminal Chinese Dragon.

7. Ren zhi Chu

Release year: 1951

IMDb rating: 7.1

The film accompanies the lives of two teenagers who, after having rejected the teachings of their tutor, ended up having two very different lives.

One of the teenagers continued to have a life of luxury , with lots of money and all the amenities, while the other (played by Bruce Lee) had a very difficult life, with access to few resources. The film tells the story of their lives and demonstrates that what can seem like a fairy tale easily becomes a nightmare.

6. Er nu zhai ( The More the Merrier )

Release year: 1955

IMDb Rating: 7.1

This is another film that Bruce Lee starred in when he was very young. The film highlights a accountant for a construction company and his wife who, after a car accident, ends up aborting. The couple ends up adopting a girl, however they did not know that she was the daughter of one of the employees of the company for which Cheung (the husband) worked.

In Er nu zhai (which also had no release in Brazil), Bruce Lee played the role of son of the couple’s landlord. A curiosity is that this film also featured the participation of Yuen Siu Fai, who would later become a celebrated Chinese Opera singer.

5 . Ren hai gu hong ( The Orphan )

Release year: 1960

IMDb Rating: 7.3

Although not one of the most popular films Bruce Lee, this is undoubtedly one of the most significant of his entire career, mainly due to his message. Ren hai gu hong , tells us the story of a young man who decides to abandon the life of crime and enters school after becoming friends with a teacher.

This film had a strong educational message, and it is believed that many young Asians were inspired by this production to change their lives.

4. The Flight of the Dragon

Release year: 1971

IMDb rating: 7.3

This is undoubtedly one of the most popular films of the Asian actor, The Flight of the Dragon . In this production Bruce Lee plays the role of Tang, a young man who goes to Rome to help his cousins ​​who are opening their own restaurant.

However, the Mafia is to put pressure on them to sell the restaurant … Tang’s arrival is thus a threat to the criminal organization that decides to hire the best martial arts fighters in Europe and Asia to eliminate their opponent. Neither manages to defeat Tange, but things change when the best fighter in the United States comes on the scene …

3. Lei yu (The Thunderstorm)

Release year: 1957

IMDb Rating: 7.4

The Japanese drama of 1957, tells the tragic story of the young Chow Chung’s family. The teenager sees his life even more complicated when he falls in love with a young woman who turns out to be his half sister.

In the same way that Chow had no idea of ​​this fact, neither does his older brother knew it, who also falls in love with his sister.

2. Dragon’s Fury

Release year: 1972

IMDb rating: 7.4

Returning to Shanghai to marry his fiancee, Chen Zhen, main character in the film and a martial arts student, discovers that his respected professor Huo Yuanjia is dead.

It is during the funeral of this renowned professor that members of a group belonging to a local Japanese dojo appear and make fun of their Chinese students. Although Chen fights against it, the mockery continues until this student finally finds out that his teacher has been poisoned by the master of that dojo. That’s where Chen promises revenge.

1. Operation Dragon

Release year: 1973

IMDb score: 7.7

The narrative around the film The Dragon Strikes develops around three main characters. Lee (Bruce Lee), a man hired by an agency to investigate a tournament to which he was invited by Han, who they believe to be a criminal mind who would be working for the Opium trafficking at the event.

Roper and Williams, official army companions since the time of the Vietnam War, enter the tournament due to different personal problems. Lee’s mission is to remove these two alive from the island where this deadly competition will take place.