Britney Spears proves she can still sing … Kim Kardashian unveils new photos for her 2021 retrospective …

23 December 2021

Cardi B and Offset do not agree on how to dress their son

Cardi B and Offset disagree on how to dress their son: according to the rapper, his wife, who is nevertheless gifted with a keen sense of fashion, should think twice about the clothes she makes their son wear.

As we can see in an Instagram Story (relayed by Page Six ), Offset is indeed not a fan of the gray tweed hat she has chosen. “Oh god damn it. I’m not going to put this shit on my son’s head, he’s going to look like Ne-Yo ”, maybe we hear him say, before he comes down another proposition, which would have made their child look like Carlton Banks, of the Prince of Bel-Air .

Kim Kardashian presents her retrospective of 2021 in photos

Britney Spears proves she can still sing

Britney Spears can still sing and she proves it: the star shared on Instagram a video of her , filmed in his bathroom, doing vocalizations. And the least we can say is that the interpreter of Toxic always has a safe, whether in the treble or in the bass!

Musical news from Britney which did not fail to delight the fans, and especially her admirer number 1, Sam Asghari , her fiancé, who broke with an unequivocal comment: “What do I like that.”

All that remains is to hope for new music , now that the popstar is free !