British school's very special Christmas meal goes viral

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The management of the establishment first defended his meal before changing strategy in the face of the outcry caused by these unappetizing menus. The school has since promised to reimburse all meals purchased. By Jean Delterme

Published on 15 / 12 / 2020 at 23 h 59

Kitchen scandal. The BBC website returned to this Christmas menu served to students of this school in the south of England, Tuesday 13 December, which has not passed. Several parents were indignant on social networks about this special menu, billed just over 4 euros. “Thank you for the Christmas meal served to our children at Steyning Grammar yesterday, it filled them with happiness,” wrote Ciaran Walsh, whose two daughters go to this school.

The management of the establishment first defended his meal by affirming that the students’ feedback was very positive. “The overall feedback from the students is that they really enjoyed the meal, which was evident from the empty plates and the smiles on the faces,” said Luke Talbot, the school’s vice-principal.

Promise of reimbursement of meals

Before changing strategy in the face of the general outcry caused by these funny meals. In a new email sent the next day, Wednesday 13 December, the establishment made his mea culpa and apologizes for having served a meal “which is not of the standard that we would have liked or hoped for”. She promised to reimburse all of the meals purchased.

The school also explained that “due to an accumulation of unforeseeable problems throughout the chain of supply and a shortage of personnel due to the Covid, our planned offer was modified at the last moment. ” . @ Bohunt_Trust thanks for the Christmas lunch served to our kids at Steyning Grammar yesterday, really filled them with festive cheer! 🎄

– Ciaran Walsh (@mistercw) December 15, 2020 >> Also read – A Japanese airline offers a meal at 450 euros… in a parking lot! On a dedicated Facebook group, other parents shared the same kind of clichés, which really do not make you want.

Parents at # Steyning grammar School @ News_SGS are in uproar after forking out £ 3. 50 for a school Christmas Dinner that one parent said “They get fed better in prison”

Another parent said “It’s like something from Oliver Twist, I wonder what the management are eating?”

– Sussex News – Breaking News for Sussex (@SussexIncidents) December 14, 2021

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