Brigitte Macron: This reason why you will no longer see the First Lady in a swimsuit

Friday 20 last July, Emmanuel and Brigitte Macron took up their neighborhood in Brégançon, a vacation spot where they took used to stay there since 2018. But during these few weeks away from the Elysee Palace will not rhyme with idleness since the President of the Republic has his work cut out for him, the fault of a health crisis which is still raging.

But the Head of State will however have the opportunity to take advantage of the swimming pool (above ground 1, 10 meters long and 10 meters out of 4, according to the JDD, editor’s note) which has been fitted out within the Fort. Quite expensive tranquility since it was estimated at 34 000 euros by the Élysée. “The only way to keep some form of privacy was to build this pool inside the Fort, because once you’re inside, no one can get you. see “, indicated to Gala , Guillaume Daret, author of the book Le fort de Brégançon: history, secrets and behind the scenes of the presidential holidays . But it was necessary from a security point of view. Each exit of the presidential couple required the presence of security officers and divers, i.e. an operation of 60 euros. Last June, the journalist Pierrick Geais explained to RCF that this new element was “more practical and less expensive rather than securing the chair every time he comes down to the beach. ”

Brigitte Macron will also be able to bathe, with her grandchildren, without the paparazzi disturbing her … The First Lady can no longer bear to be photographed in a swimsuit and to be displayed in a magazine. “When we go swimming, there are the paparazzi. Sometimes it’s good to put on a bathing suit. put on a swimsuit in front of everyone “, she had said in June 2019 to Marc-Olivier Fogiel during an interview for RTL . “I also understand that we do not understand, so this is a criticism that I accept.”

L last year, she was photographed with her daughter Tiphaine Auzière in a sarong during a beach trip.

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