Brexit Minister David Frost has resigned

By Reuters on 18. 12.2021 at 21 h 53 2 min read.

UK Brexit Minister David Frost has resigned from his post due to disillusionment with the UK government. Prime Minister Boris Johnson.

UK Secretary of State for Brexit David Frost resigned from his post yesterday

AFP / Archives – François WALSCHAERTS

UK Brexit Minister David Frost has resigned due to disillusionment with Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s government including over tax hikes and new health measures, reported on Saturday the Mail on Sunday newspaper.

“(David)” Frost has resigned sensibly from the government of Boris Johnson, “the newspaper writes.

Downing Street did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

The decision to increase taxes, the introduction of new health measures to fight the pandemic and the cost of environmental policy motivated his resignation, explains the British newspaper.

The departure of David Frost is yet another blow for Boris Johnson weakened by criticism and recent scandals linked to relations between MPs and lobbyists and his management of the health crisis.

Boris Johnson a on Friday took personal responsibility for the electoral defeat suffered by the Conservative Party in one of its strongholds.

David Frost, a supporter of Brexit , was in charge of the British government’s attempts to reopen negotiations on the conditions for Britain’s exit from the European Union.

“Lord Frost tendered his resignation a week ago – but he was persuaded to stay until January,” the Mail on Sunday said on Twitter.