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Brave’s search engine saw usage grow 5000% in one year

According to 01Net’s Brave’s search engine saw usage grow 5000% in one year
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In one year, the Brave search engine has grown from 8.1 to 411.7 million queries per month, totaling more than 2.5 billion searches in its first year of existence.

Just a year ago, Brave launched its alternative search engine, based on its own index and guaranteed without tracking, in beta version. Twelve months later, Brave Search can congratulate itself: its growth exceeds 5000% over the year. To celebrate this performance, its publisher has just announced that Brave Search is entering its stable phase and that the search engine will be the one used by default for all users of the Brave web browser.

5000% growth

While Brave Search had 8.1 million monthly searches when it launched in June 2021, the search engine was used in more than 411.7 million queries in May 2022. To go into a little more detail, Brave indicates in a ticket blog that this represents approximately 2.5 billion requests spread over one year of existence, or more than 14 million daily requests. Based on its current results, the firm hopes to exceed 5 billion queries in 2022.

The publisher, which is obviously delighted with this result, does not hesitate to compare its results to those obtained by two of its competitors: Google and DuckDuckGo. He indicates that it took more than a year for Google to exceed 2.5 billion requests, while DuckDuckGo had to wait four years to get there.

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But Brave seems to be forgetting one essential thing: its two competitors were launched ages ago at web-scale. Google took its first steps in 1998, while DuckDuckGo was born in 2008. Two very distinct periods during which the intensity of Internet use, and by extension of search engines, was in no way comparable to our present time.

The Goggles function in stable phase

On the sidelines of its initial announcement, Brave also indicated that the Goggles function integrated into Brave Search was coming out of its beta phase and was now available in a stable version. This feature is supposed to allow search engine users to apply filters and rules to change the order of search results.

“Today we’re launching Goggles to change the way search has traditionally been done and finally give users control. The world is too diverse for just one ranking, so Goggles opens up ranking and search filtering transparently for everyone to use, share and improve. said Joseph M. Pujol, head of research at Brave.

This system must allow users to obtain results that correspond to them, by limiting the potential biases generated by the algorithm. It is thus possible to exclude certain sources from the search results, or even to favor more modest sites rather than large media groups.

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