Box office on track to hit post-pandemic records with ‘F9’

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Transcript for Box office on track to hit post-pandemic records with ‘F9’

are. Will do, Lara. Thank you, Lara. We move on to our “Gma” cover story. “F9” has already taken in $300 million before even opening in the U.S. Chris Connelly has the details. Reporter: Yes, from baseball to Broadway, product roll outs to freshly minted pop stars. Sometimes all you need is a big hit. U.S. Movie theaters coast to coast hoping their first big hit for summer time ’21 is a few days away. It’s not just vin diesel and Michelle Rodriguez looking to take flight. The film business in the U.S. Is hoping to spring back into action as “F9” comes state side in movie houses only. Expectations are the film could blow the doors off next weekend’s box office. Outside the U.S. “F9” has banked over $300 million. Only two other movies have achieved that. As I understand it, you’re trying to prevent World War III. Reporter: “F9” looks to restart that back to the movie theater momentum, maybe with a $50 million plus opening. Let’s get to work. Reporter: That could in turn pave the way for July’s releases, among them “Black widow” and “Space jam.” Theater owners saw “The fate of the furious” earn $107 million. Anything close to that number for “F9” would drive them wild. Guys? We got it, Chris. Thank you. It’s time to “Rise & shine”

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{“duration”:”2:12″,”description”:”The latest film in the “Fast and Furious” series revs up the box office, taking in nearly $300 million before it has even opened in the U.S. “,”mediaType”:”default”,”section”:”ABCNews/GMA”,”id”:”78396773″,”title”:”Box office on track to hit post-pandemic records with ‘F9’”,”url”:”″}

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