Boulanger breaks the price of SumUp payment terminals

Are you the head of a small business and looking for a solution for credit card payments? Do not move ! We have good news for you: SumUp payment terminals are at knockdown prices at Boulanger . But it won’t last long then, hurry up and take advantage!

Discover SumUp offers at Boulanger

SumpUp, useful and affordable payment terminals

If you have a small business that you want to accept card payments blue, you will know that the solution offered by banks is generally very expensive.

In fact, the real cost of a payment terminal for a merchant includes the cost rental equipment (between 11 and 40 euros) or on purchase (several hundred euros), commissions as well as a fixed cost per transaction. In short, that drives up the bill.

But SumUp is doing well with multiple all-in-one and affordable payment solutions. In any case, compared to what traditional banks offer. Depending on your turnover, this type of terminal can cost you half the price of compared to “classic” TPEs.

The firm is remunerated via a variable commission of 1 , 75%. For the rest, no subscription or hidden costs. All you need to do is charge and connect your terminal to your smartphone.

Convenient, affordable and easy to use, SumUp payment terminals allow you to accept transactions instantly. It only takes three working days for the money to appear in your store’s bank account.

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Discover the magical offers on SumUp terminals at Boulanger

To start, the SumUp Air is ideal because it embeds the primary functions for a payment terminal. But there are plenty of SumUp terminals out there, depending on your needs like printing a receipt.

The good news is that payment terminals SumUp are at broken prices at Boulanger , ranging from 17% at 40% immediate discount.

The SumUp Air drops at 15, 79 euros instead of 29, 99 euros The SumUp 3G + Wi-Fi is yours for 69, 79 euros instead of 79, 99 euros The SumUp 3G + payment kit is available at 119, 79 euros instead of 149, 99 euros The SumUp Solo and its station at 79,99 euros instead of 99, 79 euros Thus, no need for promotional codes or to fill out any form to benefit from a refund offer . The discount is immediate. All you have to do is click on the button below and put the TPE you are interested in in your basket at Boulanger before it is too late.

Discover the SumUp offers at Boulanger

Therefore, we advise you not to hang around too much. With such low prices, we imagine that many traders will rush to these useful and affordable TPE. Because Boulanger’s stocks are not inexhaustible and once emptied, promotions will very likely end.

It would be a shame to miss these golden offers to accept, from now on, the low cost credit card payments. No ?