Bosch and Volkswagen team up to create an autonomous driving system

©serdarbasak/123RF.COM The automated driving sector will soon welcome a new wave of autonomous vehicles. This is the result of a partnership between car manufacturer Volkswagen and electronic equipment manufacturer Bosch.

This technology aims to allow drivers to let the vehicle take control of the driving at certain times and free them from the constraints of driving over long distances.


A partnership with a significant social impact

As part of the launch of this vast project, the two German companies have set up teams of engineers and have dedicated specific departments to within their respective companies. The German equipment manufacturer has grouped them together in a complex known as Bosch Cross-Domain Computing Solutions, while the automotive giant has named it Cariad.

The creation of such departments will allow the two companies to work together from their various locations, but also to generate many jobs. More than a thousand new engineers will be required to carry out this mission, which will last for many years.

Completely new technology for car manufacturer VW

The implementation of this technology requires the use of road maps and this is where the Bosch company comes in. Indeed, the latter performs an exact digital reproduction of the environment in which the vehicle is moving in order to allow it to move without assistance. This is made possible thanks to the sensory and video sensors with which the vehicles are equipped and which give them the ability to recognize the layout of the roads, but also the road signs.

The vehicle reconciles the road signature it has with the data of its location in real time and will thus be able to move autonomously even in circumstances where visibility problem. Bosch currently obtains this information through geolocation and information transmitted by the Volkswagen Golf 8 present in traffic. It should nevertheless be specified that even if this technology allows the driver to free himself over a given period of time and that he will have to regain control since the system has limits.

New for the Volkswagen manufacturer even if some of its competitors already have this technology. We are thinking in particular of brands like Honda, Mercedes or even the BMW brand, which plans to launch its technology before the end of the current year. Volkswagen plans to put its autonomous vehicles into circulation sometime next year.

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