Booklet A: five questions about the 1% increase

Published on 10 Jan. 2022 at 10: 15Updated 15 Jan. 2022 to 10: 33

The government finally decided to raise the Livret A rate from 0.5% to 1%. An eminently political decision since it is a boost compared to the strict application of the calculation formula, itself recognizes the Banque de France, which has made a recommendation in this direction. It must be said that the sharp rise in inflation – 2.8% in December – plunges the real interest rate of the Livret deep into negative territory.

Having assured that the protection of the French in the face of rising prices was an “absolute priority” , Bruno Le Maire had to react. And incidentally make an electoral gesture as the presidential election approaches, and while the subject of purchasing power is among the main concerns of the French. Here are five questions, the main issues surrounding the booklet A and the increase in its rate of remuneration.