Black Clover: this great cosplay perfectly expresses the passion of Asta Credits Although the anime Black Clover has come to an end, Asta and the Clover Mage Knights are still going strong with the fandom. Also, Yuki Tabata’s manga continues on its way and Asta is stronger than ever. Among the manga heroes of recent years, the character of Asta is really popular and his evolution over the arcs impresses fans.

Studio Pierrot credits This hero who works hard to rise to the top comes to life in cosplay.

From nothing to become a powerful mage In the world of Black Clover, magic is part of everyday life and everyone has it. However, some people may not have it. This is the case of Asta, a young orphan who has no ounce of magic in him. Despite everything, he dreams, like his childhood friend and rival Yuno, of becoming the Mage Emperor.

If his dream seems impossible due to his lack of magic, he will obtain a mysterious grimoire which will propel him into the world of mages. With a total of 170 episodes on the clock, Asta will have done live to all fans of the animated series unforgettable moments. Last year, the Black Clover anime delivered its last episode and it saddened the fans. But nothing to mope about, because a new feature film will be released.

A cosplay that pays homage to a force of nature Asta is a character who does not shy away from the task. He trains like a madman to fill his gaps and his thirst for power is limitless. To hope to become Mage Emperor, he will have to prove himself and there are no shortcuts to achieve his goal. But Asta’s strength is that he never despairs and gives his all even when the situation seems hopeless. It is all that which makes him one of the favorite heroes of manga fans. This character, who clearly stands out among the shonen heroes, is often the subject of fan art and cosplay. The artist @africa.jpg did not miss the opportunity to put him in the spotlight on his Instagram account through a cosplay. You can discover his beautiful achievement below .

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