Bitcoin Hits All-Time High, Surpassing $ 60k

Bitcoin, the leading cryptocurrency, reached an all-time high of over 60 thousand dollars during the day. Bitcoin’s record refresh has the effect of a $ 1.9 trillion support package approved by U.S. President Biden.
Bitcoin, the cryptocurrency that has fallen and risen recently, has experienced a sharp drop after rising to 58 thousand dollars late last month. After a peak of 58,300 dollars, the leading cryptocurrency, which fell to 43 thousand dollars in just a week, rose again last week after a short correction.

Bitcoin, which started this week at 49 thousand dollars, gained more than 6% during the day and exceeded 60 thousand dollars for the first time in its history. The cryptocurrency, which rose to $ 60,400 during the day, is trading at $ 59,900 as of this writing date.

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