Billionaire quits Mormons and donates $ 600,000 to LGBT + group

Reading time: 2 min – Spotted on NBC News

Jeff Green, considered the richest billionaire in the world Utah in the United States, has left The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, a Mormon community . In a letter addressed to the president of this institution, he writes that the latter has “hindered the global progress of women’s rights, civil rights, racial equality and LGBTQ + rights” , reports The Salt Lake Tribune . The businessman, managing director of The Trade Desk, a technology marketing company, also donated 530. 000 dollars (over 530. 000 euros) to the group of advocating for LGBT + Equality Utah, through its Dataphilanthropy family foundation.

Almost half of the money will go to a new scholarship program for LGBT + students in Utah , including those who “might need or would like to leave” Brigham Young University sponsored by the Mormon Church. This donation is the first in a long series, hopes Jeff Green. Equality Utah Executive Director Troy Williams praised the billionaire’s generosity and support. “The most important elements of our success have been the support of allies” , he said, confident that Utah has is making huge strides for the rights of LGBT + communities.

A Conservative State

Jeff Green had already left the Mormon Church ten years ago, but in his letter to President Russell Nelson, he called for his resignation to be formalized and for his religious records to be deleted. The billionaire said that members of the Mormon community are “good people who try to do good” , but according to him “the Church is actively and currently doing harm to the world” .

Utah is a still very conservative American state. Approximately 62% of residents and 62% of lawmakers are members of the Mormon Church. The latter opposes same-sex marriage and more recently the Equality Act. This federal project would protect LGBT + people from discrimination in housing, employment and other areas of life. Nonetheless, the LGBT + rights association manages to work alongside leaders of the Church and the Republican-controlled legislature to advance the cause.