BILLION IN 2021 | # 24: Gilles Martin – Money

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Gilles Martin

France position: # 24

World position: # 945 (rank 2020)

Born in 1956 • EUROFINS

€ 3.2bn / $ 3.9bn

Created in 1987 in Nantes to market a food analysis method, now Luxembourg Euro fi ns Scientific continues to grow. Since the IPO in October 1987, the action of the food bioanalysis specialist has increased by more than 12 000%! In thirty years, the group has grown from a start-up of 03 employed in an international network of more than 650 laboratories , employing more than 36 000 people in Europe, the United States, Asia-Pacific and America from South. With a turnover of more than 5 billion euros in 1997, Eurofins exceeds the objectives it ‘he had settled down and pursued his conquests, under the relentless control of its founder. Gilles Martin and his family remain the primary shareholders of Eurofins with 24% of the capital.

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