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Beware of 2K Games support emails, they may contain dangerous malware

According to 01Net’s Beware of 2K Games support emails, they may contain dangerous malware
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Hackers sent messages to players posing as 2K Games technical support. These messages contained links to the RedLine Information Stealer malware.

Be very careful if you have received an email from 2K Games technical support. It may be the work of hackers. Indeed, the game publisher posted a warning message on Twitter:

The message explains that hackers have been able to access the support platform that 2K Games uses to help its customers. They sent emails to players posing as technical support ([email protected]), as shown in these screenshots posted on Reddit :


The message is in the form of a classic support ticket, but includes a link to download an executable program presented as the new 2K Games launcher. Of course, the 107MB 2K Launcher.exe has nothing to do with the game editor, as its properties show:

2K launcher properties© BleepingComputer

The file is actually called plumy.execarries the description of 5K Player and is not digitally signed by the game publisher. An analysis by the VirusTotal site shows that it is actually the RedLine Information Stealer malware. This malicious program is designed to siphon passwords stored on a system. It attacks cookies, passwords and web browser history. It is also designed to steal data such as VPN passwords, credit cards, system information, instant messaging contents and cryptocurrency wallets. Besides browsers, RedLine Information Stealer also crawls program folders such as FileZilla, Discord, and Steam.

The publisher 2K Games has disabled access to its technical support, the time to carry out the necessary checks. Players will be notified when support becomes available again. He advises changing all passwords that are saved by web browsers, enabling multi-factor authentication where possible, installing and running anti-virus, and checking for changes. on the player’s account.

Note that a pirate attack also affected the publisher Rockstar Games, which is known for its GTA game. The common point with 2K Games is that they are subsidiaries of the company Take-Two Interactive. But nothing says that the attacks were committed by the same hackers.

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Bleeping Computer