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The best free software for video editing for Windows 11: Best video editing software!

We hear his name on everyone’s lips. Adobe Premiere dominates the market for video editing, forcing, amateurs and professionals to engage financially every month. The free offer, however, is not absent in the scope of video editing, generally offering features similar to those of the paid solutions, taking into account the level of each one.

Best video editing software free
Best video editing software for beginners
Best video editing software for youtube has therefore selected for you the best free software for video editing on Windows that meets the needs of beginners and the more experienced.

The 12 Best Free Video Editing Software Programs in 2021

1. Shotcut

Shotcut offers a mounting solution is convincing aimed primarily for beginners. Spartan appearance, the tool pulls in reality its strength from its modular structure. Only the panels of the features that you are interested in can be integrated in the main window, which adjusts to your needs and requirements.

Originality interesting: Shotcut provides two ways of editing video. Thanks to the playlist, users do not bother with the intricacies of the timeline. The sequences slipped-filed in the block provided are linked together, with the possibility to change the order or edit them independently of each other. The editors most seasoned benefit on their part of the traditional timeline multitrack. Although more technical control, it offers the possibility of adding sound, effects, transitions or titles, bringing a real added value to the final video.

The terms and conditions of encoding depends on FFmpeg on which Shotcut is based. It is concerned that so little of the compatibility of the codecs, which, with few exceptions, are all supported by the software. Side export, you can count on UHD 4K.

2. VSDC Video Editor

VSDC Video Editor instantly puts its users in confidence. Its home page knows how to guide the less experienced, which, at a glance, take knowledge of all the editing solutions available to them. Are also listed the main features of the programme that link to online tutorials intelligible.

The creation of a new project, VSDC Video Editor invites you to learn all the technical features of your future editing : name, copyright, resolution, number of frames per second, frame rate, background color. The formats for import and export are sufficiently numerous to allow you to find your happiness.

In terms of ergonomics, VSDC Video Editor interface modular austere but rather practical. The project explorer place the detailed content of your edits in progress when the explorer objects offer the hands on the organization of scenes, transitions, effects, and titles that make up a particular project. The main block is traditionally organised in the timeline and preview window. The overall look a bit cluttered conferred by the over-representation of toolbars dissipates as quickly as we learn to tame each feature.

Through its global display reminiscent of the Office suite, VSDC Video Editor reassures even more beginners who can navigate serenely between the tabs. This is also where you can gain access to some video and sound effects that complement the fixtures the most creative.

3. Windows Movie Maker

If Windows Movie Maker has had some success in the mid-2000s, the utility of video editing that Microsoft included once natively to Windows eventually disappear from the operating system. For a time, Microsoft has continued to offer his tool in its suite of software, the Windows Live, before disappearing completely in early 2017.

Yet, despite this loss, it is still possible to download and install Windows Movie Maker. The program works perfectly on Windows 10.

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Again if the advanced users will spend their tower, the lovers, beginners will find it in Windows Movie Maker everything necessary to mount with ease of videos on their computer. The interface of the program, that revolves around the famous banner dear to Microsoft, is clearly a tool for the uninitiated. All the editing tools are grouped together, as well as the visual effects, animations, etc

The operation of the program, simplistic, is still far from what happens in the competition. Here, you will find no timeline to speak of. All the clips that you import are an integral part of your movie. They can be cut, shortened, and moved to leisure, depending on the organization that you want to give to your video. Windows Movie Maker lets you, of course, also to insert text, a beginning or end, in place of the melted, but also record voice narration, or to integrate a soundscape.

About the export options, they are made to be understood by everyone. You will not find here of settings to customize the video bitrate, resolution, or the compression codec. Windows Movie Maker makes it simple and suggests a set of predefined settings according to the devices on which the videos will be played, with resolutions up to 1080p. Users may, however, choose export parameters custom

4. MiniTool MovieMaker

Known more for its tools for managing hard disks PC, MiniTool has made an incursion rather successful in the world of video editing software with MiniTool MovieMaker.

If the editor is not gone to get the name of the program to be very far away, we welcome the initiative to offer a free program, but especially ultra-simple to take in hand. If the program seems to be limited for advanced users, alike will find in him everything you need to mount a film effectively.

MiniTool MovieMaker offers 9 pre-defined templates on which it is possible to rely on to create a video, but allows perfectly to the users from scratch. The import of the footage in the software is done using a simple drag-and-drop, as will the addition of a clip in the timeline.

Each of them can then be edited manually: it is possible to cut a video, shorten, but also to adjust the contrast, color and saturation. The user can then dress your movie by adding text, effects, or transitions between each clip, again by dragging and dropping the items on the work table.

About the export options, they are, again, very simple, but more than enough to anyone seeking a simple solution to quickly assemble a video. They thus make it possible to choose the export format from a dozen of options (MP4, AVI, MOV, WMV, MKV, TS, MPEG2, etc), select the video bitrate to set the quality you want, choose the codec, or opt to choose the resolution of the final video.

5. OpenShot

Aimed primarily at novice users, Openshot Video Editor based on FFmpeg library. The software takes care of many video formats. At first startup, OpenShot guide the user through a quick tutorial designed to introduce the basic elements of the program.

The software interface is classic : the videos will be the final assembly are grouped in a dedicated window on the left, and a preview pane is displayed in the center. In the bottom of the window, you will find the timeline just by drag-and-drop the clips to integrate within the film. The organization of the window and the tool is intuitive enough to put the neophytes to master the software.

By default, Openshot opens a project in HD 720p resolution at 30 fps, but it is quite possible to use a different profile of work. It will be necessary to do this click on the dedicated button to select one of the preset profiles, as a function of the original files, if you want to maintain optimal image quality. The software can export video in 4K UHD, at 2.5 K QHD, HD, etc, all with the possibility to choose the speed of frames per second for the rendering.

6. VideoPad

Built around a classic interface for this kind of application, VideoPad presents the benefits of an advanced software without being difficult to master. Thanks to an intuitive layout of its tools, the description of which is still simple, the utility should be at the fingertips of users with less experience.

The importation of videos can be done using a drag-and-drop, as will the addition of a clip on the timeline. The latter may take the form of a timeline or a storyboard, the more visual, which makes it easy for putting in order of the different clips in a timeline. Footage can be edited with precision from the main window while it will be possible to enhance the video with the help of audio and video effects, transitions, text, etc

VideoPad offers many export options that require the installation of add-ons. Among the proposed options, it is possible, for example, to publish directly to a created on a streaming platform such as YouTube, to export a video disc formats Blu-Ray, or even export your creation in the format of video file.

VideoPad is able to generate videos in many definitions : 720p, 1080p, 2K, and even 4K. The software is free for personal use, not commercial. Therefore, to export, a message indicating that it is a trial version is displayed. Just the close to complete the export of your personal video.

7. Kdenlive

Simple and powerful: Kdenlive complies with the credo of the KDE community. Originally intended for GNU/Linux systems, the software takes advantage of a portage Windows thanks to the projects in GSOC. Although it is still a beta version, there is functionality and ease of use similar to those of the original version.

Kdenlive relies on the framework MLT. By default, its interface is built around essential areas : the manager of the footage, effects list, preview window and table mounting. Advanced users will deepen the customization of their work environment, adding or removing modules at their convenience, configuring keyboard shortcuts. Support for multi-track audio and video infinite allows the creation of very complex projects.

Because it is based on FFmpeg, Kdenlive supports almost all audio and video formats, without conversion or re-encoding in advance. You keep the hand on the edition in-depth rushes through multiple analyzers media, including a spectrometer, a histogram, and vectorscope.

Originality interesting proposed by Kdenlive: the management of clips intermediate. By automatically generating low-resolution copies of your sequences, the software allows you to manipulate clips, lighter and work your editing too without depleting your PC. The magic continues to operate in the export of the project as the footage of low quality give way to the rush original. Cuts and effects applied on the intermediaries are in the same time applied to HD, Full HD or Ultra HD.

8. Lightworks

Preceded by his reputation, Lightworks has long worked with film professionals. In particular, the assemblies of cult films such as Pulp Fiction or The Infiltrator. Open to the general public in a simplified version since 2012, the software remains a complex tool designed for experienced users.

Lightworks displays a modular structure fully customizable. We made her work space according to their needs and habits, with the possibility of a move, lock, hide, expand windows functionality. Always with a view strictly professional, the software stands out with its ” rooms “. These isolated areas make it possible to treat the components of the same project in perfect independence. Thus, one can create a room arrangements for audio, another for the calibration, or yet another for data management. All changes to a room without effect on the overall timeline, which allows you to delete and re-create them at will without fear of damage to the overall project.

The formats accepted by Lightworks cover a diversity such that it is possible to import the ProRes such as Avid DNxHD without transcoding. To export, you can count on the MPEG4/H. 264 in 720p for the free version with the option to directly upload the work on YouTube.

9. HitFilm Express

HitFilm Express door to the double-cap. In addition to providing a video editing software are quite comprehensive, it has very many compositing tools that avoid you having to go through a third-party program for the special effects.

The interface ofHitFilm Express is a comfortable property that minimalist. The preview window is juxtaposed with that of the edition of the plans and overcomes the famous timeline. The management of the multitrack facilitates the integration of the sounds, transitions, and titles that are modified in the box provided for the occasion. The integration of the special effects directly via the software which support 3D for an even more neat. HitFilm Express account a little more than 400 presets and special effects, free green background for that seduces each other.

The each other benefit besides the full compatibility ofHitFilm Express with the social networks, since it is possible to associate to his YouTube account in order to upload directly to its mounts. Apart from this peculiarity, the users of the software can export locally to their projects in Ultra HD 4K at a depth of color capped at 8-bit.

HitFilm Express is very resource-intensive. Therefore, it is necessary to have a computer powerful enough to launch and use the program.

10. DaVinci Resolve

DaVinci Resolve offers a comprehensive solution that allows you to do the installation, calibration and compositing. The diversity of its features implies that the program is primarily aimed at professionals. Failing that, the lovers extremely knowledgeable can attempt to getting started with the software.

In terms of editing, DaVinci Resolve provides an interface full of options that you need to learn to master because it is not scalable. The management of the multi-track is of course included, and we enjoy the support multicam very efficient, which contributes to the achievement of complex projects. The synchronization of the video and audio tracks has the automatic analysis of the sound waves, the guarantee of a result. The compatibility of the software with plugins OpenFX allows you to engage in the task of compositing without going through a third-party solution, guarantee of speed and preserved quality of the images.

It is good to remember that DaVinci Resolve is first and foremost a software calibration, an area in which he excels. Colors and brightness are easily adjustable thanks to the powerful tools it uses. The colour wheel – lift, gamma, gain, offset – operate arrangements, primary, while an add-on takes care of the corrections that are charged to specific areas of the image.

The free version of DaVinci Resolve restricts the export of projects in Ultra HD and does not support the calibration HDR or 3D.

11. AVID Media Composer First

AVID snaps on the competition with Media Composer First. This lightweight variant of Media Composer allows you to become familiar with the interface of the pro version as well as with most of its tools to be emblematic. Without surprise, the software is intended for semi-pros who evaluate the complexity of his grip before investing in a more comprehensive version.

To compete with Resolve, Media Composer First integrates pushed options such as support multicam and stabilization tools powerful. The multitrack is included but limited to four video tracks and eight audio tracks. Plugins AVX and AAX are managed from the Marketplace of AVID. Most codecs usual are compatible with this light version, which lets you export projects in 1080p and promises of the facilities to upload on YouTube and Vimeo.

This is the audio processing that Media Composer First pulls really well. Although devoid of 5.1 and 7.1 surround, the proposed management of the sound has its own module for recording and editing. Everyone is free to compose its soundtrack and mix different sources to accompany his video project as precisely as possible.

12. Microsoft Photos

Few users know this, but it is not necessary to go to look very far to enjoy a video editing software. Most Windows machines recent embark natively application Photos which allows, as its name indicates, to maintain a library photo, but that also loads a module video editing. If it remains very simple, it is sufficient to users with less demanding in search of a simple tool to take in hand.

The worthy heir of Windows Movie Maker, utility embedded in Microsoft Photos offers two options. First, Start a project is one of the most classic since it allows you to import your videos and to arrange it manually by cutting, adding effects and transitions to create your movie. The second, which is extremely convenient if you have little time to devote to a timeline, takes care to automatically generate a video from clips that you submit to us. It is then possible to finalize directly to the video or edit it to customize it.

In manual mode, Photos are presented as any editing software, aimed at the general public. You get a Timeline, simplified access to your library of projects, as well as a viewing window of the rendering of the video. Each clip is added to your project can be cut, trimmed, moved, etc, The program then offers to dress up your timeline, adding effects, movements, and other transitions. You can also add text, or use one of the predefined themes that come with the application. Thanks to them, you get a video perfectly harmonized with filters, music, and texts. When the project is completed, the video can be exported in three qualities : high (1080p), medium (720p), or low (540p), in a video file to MP4 format.

13. ivsEdits

In his appearance rather austere, ivsEdits is not less effective. This software for non linear video editing for professionals provides a workspace customizable where each window can be resized depending on the size of your screen. Compatible with a multitude of file formats, ivsEdits will know how to manage both projects in low definition that mounts in native 4K. All clips imported into the program are automatically scaled based on the settings of your project.

In its organization, the interface ofivsEdits remains the classic for this type of utility. You will find in the top of the screen your repertoire of clip, right, a viewing window, and down the timeline consists of several tracks on which you just drag and drop your footages.

The program embeds many filters, effects and transitions, and includes a module for encoding capable of importing and re-encode your videos in batches. Videos edited in ivsEdits can be exported to AVI, MPEG2, H264 (MKV), MOV or WMV formats.

14. Adobe Spark

Adobe, the software specialist for the creation, editor programs such as Photoshop and Illustrator, or even of the software for professional editing, Adobe Premiere, offers a simple and free solution to edit video : Adobe Spark. A little apart, Spark can be used in-line, and works in any Web browser. The service, however, requires an Adobe account free to be used.

This solution, which is a priori designed to create videos for social media or for marketing purposes, proves to be a formidable efficiency to go up in a few seconds, a video with a professional look, without it being necessary to have skills in terms of editing. The platform offers the support of many models and features from the outset to adapt to the medium on which your video will be released. We are in good places, formats dedicated to social networks (Story and publications Instagram, and Facebook), the possibility of creating presentations, and other slideshows.

After you have filled in the title of your project, the Spark will prompt you to choose a theme, or to start your project from scratch, starting from a blank page. The service even offers a quick tutorial video detailing the broad outline of the opportunities it offers. To respond optimally to the problem of simplicity, the interface of Adobe Spark is extremely stripped down. The Timeline is made up of different clips that it is possible to move at leisure to change the order. With respect to the import of content, it is done very simply by clicking on the + button that is displayed in the display window after you have selected a block constituting the video. Each frame of a video and include a photo or a video. After you have added a clip, you will need to select and adjust the passage to conserve and import it into the Timeline. Once all the clips that make up your video is imported, you can change the layout of your video, apply a theme (including the texts), the resize (widescreen or square format), and lastly, select a music rig, with the ability to import your own songs.

Click on the Preview button will allow you to see the rendering of your video to adjust it or finalize it. Finally, Adobe Spark offers several solutions for the export. You can either post it on your Adobe account and generate a link to share, send it to Google Drive, or simply download them to your machine. Only downside, the tool is free, the video will be decked out with a small logo Adobe Spark in the bottom of the screen.