We have listed the foreign TV series that everyone should watch together with their trailers according to their genres. Discover the foreign series that have left their mark on the last 30 years.

It is a fact that serials have surpassed the cinema industry in these days when we are chasing a new series that we can constantly connect to and immerse ourselves in. The fact that even Hollywood’s most popular actors are constantly appearing on the small screen supports this. Lost, Breaking Bad, The Sopranos, Friends, Game of Thrones…. We focused on the best foreign series of all time, which had a great impact in the world at the time of its publication and captured the last 25-30 years, which fans still cannot forget. If you’re one of those who have swept away new series or think there are many shows that you missed watching, check out our must-watch series list for Whatisfind readers!


Best Action Series

Breaking Bad (IMDb: 9,5)


According to some, Breaking Bad, which is the best TV series in the world, is indeed one of the rare series that has made the most noise, gaining more momentum in each season and not spoiling itself. The series, which started with a chemistry teacher with cancer starting to make drugs in order to leave money to his family and embarking on an adventure with his student Jesse, seems boring at first, but with its magnificent fiction, it starts to take a strange turn. An example of the best character development, Breaking Bad should be at the top of the series you must watch.

Prison Break (IMDb: 8,3)


Prison Break, which was founded on the kidnapping plan of Michael Scofield, who realized that all legal ways were exhausted to save his brother, who was sentenced to death for a crime he did not commit, swept the world in the years it was published. If you want to be a partner in this adventure by following Michael, who entered the same prison with his brother by attempting to rob a bank and followed the traces of the map tattoo he had on his back, you can start watching this 5-season series as soon as possible.

The Walking Dead (IMDb: 8,2)


The Walkin Dead is a long-running, spin-off and award-winning comic book adaptation of the zombie myth. In the production, where you can find yourself in the story as it was shot with 16 mm films and is very well edited, we follow the road story of the deputy sheriff who unexpectedly wakes up from a coma after an accident and discovers that zombies are now ruling the whole world. It is a frightening path where he has managed to survive in the new world order and encounters people like him who are fighting for survival…

Dexter (IMDb: 8,6)


The series is based on the first of Jeff Lindsay’s Dexter novels, Darkly Dreaming Dexter. The series, which delicately touched upon the questioning of moral values ​​and the choices made for normal life during its eight seasons, brought Michael C. Hall many awards, including the Golden Globe. The production, which divided its fans into two with its final episode, is a candidate to warm you up with its warm Miami atmosphere, if you haven’t watched it.

La Casa De Papel The Paper House  IMDb: 8.3 )


La Casa De Papel, which became a phenomenon all over the world as soon as it was discovered and re-edited by Spanish Netflix, is a wonderful crime series beyond a classic heist story. Although there are so many characters in the series, why are they all involved, how do they look at what and why do they behave like that; Every question has an answer, every one has a method. In this sense, it has a very binding storytelling. We are sure that you will also be amazed by the use of color in Spanish cinema, and those magnificent reds in darkness and gloom.

Homeland (IMDb: 8,3)


Homeland, a political thriller series inspired by the Israeli-made Hatufim (Prisoners of War) series and quickly becoming a worldwide phenomenon, is a CIA drama. Nicholas Brody, presumed dead, is found in a terrorist shelter during a drill 8 years after he disappeared. Although the government declares him a hero, CIA agent Carrie Anderson thinks Nicholas Brody is collaborating with al-Qaeda and has plans to attack the United States. Then Carrie goes after the events and starts looking for evidence of her suspicions.

24 (IMDb: 8,3)


In the American action series 24, which won an Emmy and Golden Globe Award for Best Drama Series in 2006 and was nominated for 67 more Emmy Awards, the events narrated are transmitted to the audience in real time. The series, which tells about the events happening around Jack Bauer, who left the Anti-Terrorism Unit he was the manager of before, is like a feature-length film that deals with what happens in 24 hours in each season and what happens in one hour in each episode.

Best Drama Series

Succession (IMDb: 8,6)


As we look forward to the return of Succession, one of the best drama series on the market, to HBO with its third season, we recommend it to anyone who hasn’t watched it yet. The fiction and plot of the TV series, which was inspired by television veteran Rupert Murdoch and his family, is really successful. The struggle of the members of the Roy Family against each other for the company they own has quite unexpected and shocking results. Also, the music of the series is as good as its story.

The Morning Show (IMDb: 8,4)


The Morning Show, the hit production of Apple TV Plus, Apple’s new medium, which rivals online platforms such as Netflix and Hulu, immediately draws our attention with its cast. The series features Hollywood top names such as Jennifer Aniston, Reese Witherspoon and Steve Carell. Describing The Morning Show, one of the most important morning news programs in America, the live broadcast environment and the events in the background, the series also touches on the harassment incidents that started with the Me Too movement. The series, which has an intriguing pace, has already started to win awards for Jennifer Aniston.

Sex And The City (IMDb: 7,1)


We would love to be one of those lucky people who still haven’t watched the legendary HBO series Sex and the City, which almost all women have watched for 1-2 episodes. Samantha, Carrie, Charlotte and Miranda, the life of four best friends in Manhattan, the series realistically deals with the events that everyone goes through, especially about love and sex, relationships and friendship.

This is Us (IMDb: 8,7)


This is Us, a series where nothing is but everything. It is so naive that it will make you feel good when your head is full, when you are unhappy, when you feel like something bad is going to happen, and you will not realize how the time has passed. Thanks to the successful character setup and award-winning staff of the series, you can connect with all of them one by one, starting from the pilot episode. It’s like a nice shelter that emerges from life at a time when big scenarios are storming.

Six Feet Under (IMDb: 8,7)


Let’s just say from the beginning, if you are looking for a series to relieve the stress of the day and distract your mind, Six Feet Under is not for you. Each episode opens with a different death story in the series, which begins with Ned Fisher, who leads a life of his own away from his family, after his father’s death and has to run the funeral home owned by his family. Based on the dynamics of Ned Fisher’s distant relationship with his mother Ruth, sister Claire and brother Devid, the biggest hallmark of the series is its plain and realistic narrative language. On the other hand, it is this plain and realistic language that makes the show dangerous in a way. Six Feet Under, which almost hits you with whatever is real about death and life, is one of the series that you can’t help thinking about the questions it makes you ask, even when you stop watching.

Mad Men (IMDb: 8,6)


New York of the 60s. The advertising industry in its golden age. Characters, each of which contains incredible storms. Mad Men, which received dozens of awards in every branch from production to script, from acting to design in the 7 seasons (2007-2015), is also known as the best period story in television history. The series, which has a very successful reading in terms of observing the changing social balances of the period and the human relations established in the sector, is very successful in terms of script workmanship and depth. It’s not too late to start watching the talented, handsome, stylish, advertising salesman, master liar Don Draper cheat on his wife, other women, himself and the whole world.

Fargo (IMDb: 8,9)


One of the factors that make Fargo so attractive is the seasonality of its stories. The production, which brings real murders to the screen with fictional characters, is also quite striking in terms of the relationship of its music with the script. The series, which presents a perfect example of dark humor, has managed to capture that epic atmosphere in a dizzying way, despite the 18 years between the film and the locations with the same name.

House MD (IMDb: 8,7)


House MD, which won Hugh Laurie a Golden Globe twice for his masterful acting along with his flawless American accent, is one of the best examples of medical drama. The similarity of this doctor, who plays an instrument and is addicted to drugs, who investigates the impossibilities of the diagnoses with the method of logical elimination, with the fictional detective Sherlock Holmes is followed as an unwritten subtext. The fact that both of them have 221B door numbers is a funny detail. The production, in which each character is finely fictionalized and each episode designed successfully, is the kind that you won’t get bored of even when you watch it over and over.

Big Little Lies (IMDb: 8,5)


The series begins with a mysterious death in a wealthy town in Monterey, California. The puzzle is completed with the clues that the audience combines in each episode. World stars such as Nicole Kidman and Reese Witherspoon play the leading roles in the series, which presents the daily lives and perspectives of strong women with different characters in a very enjoyable and different way. The second season, which was drawn after the intense interest of the series, which was normally considered as one season, was also very popular, especially with the inclusion of Meryl Streep.

The Handmaid’s Tale (IMDb: 8,4)


Handmaid’s Tale, a Hulu production, takes place in a dystopia called Gilead, which was established after environmental disasters and the rapid decline of the fertility rate, and has a very pessimistic atmosphere. The acting of Elisabeth Moss, whom we know from Mad Men, won her a Golden Globe with this role. It is an adaptation of Margaret Atwood’s book, which managed to make a striking impact all over the world with its first season and is widely read all over the world. It is possible to find the ongoing Handmaid’s Tale on Blu Tv.

Better Call Saul (IMDb: 8,7)


The spin-off series Better Call Saul is about the periods when the characters in the cast of Breaking Bad did not yet know each other in their previous lives. About the beloved character of Breaking Bad, Saul Goodman, and according to some, even better than the main series Breaking Bad, Better Call Saul chronicles the adventures of shrewd and fraudulent lawyer Saul Goodman before he became Walter White.

Shameless (IMDb: 8,6)


Living in a suburb of Chicago, the Gallaghers are a family of different dirty jobs. The family’s alcoholic father, Frank, is also a dishonest and downright shameless man. Fiona, the eldest child of the house, who is trying to keep her family sinking every day, is a devoted sister who is a mother to her siblings starting from the age of 2. But Shameless makes a tragicomic and entertaining story, not a drama, from this family that can’t get out of hand.

House of Cards (IMDb: 8,8)


The series, produced by Kevin Spacey and David Fincher, is based on the BBC series of the same name. Ambitious politician Francis Underwood is using everything to become president. Although Underwood thinks that he will achieve his goal, things do not go as planned and this time he goes so far as to appoint an agent to the White House to rise. The subject of the series deals with the effect of the scams, intrigues and betrayals on the public for the sake of promotion in politics.

Best Comedy/Sitcom Series

How I Met Your Mother (IMDb: 8,3)


How I Met Your Mother, which lasts for 9 seasons and consists of 20-minute episodes, begins in 2030 with the lead character Ted Mosby telling his children how he met their mother. Later, we witness the stories of Ted Mosby with his friends in the series, which goes back to 2005. The series, which includes friendship, friendship and love, has been greatly appreciated by everyone who watches it. Ted’s roommate and best friend Marshall, Marshall’s girlfriend Lily, the series’ colorful characters Barney and Robin are among the most important names of this series! If you want to laugh and get emotional from time to time but watch a good friendship story, you should watch the cult How I Met Your Mother as soon as possible!

Brooklyn Nine-Nine (IMDb: 8,4)


Created by Dan Goor and Michael Schur, Brooklyn Nine-Nine, which received two Golden Globe awards in 2013, tells the story of the detectives and police chief at the Brooklyn 99th Precinct in New York. 7 seasons of the series, which is published in the style of detective comedy, have been published, and the 8th season is being shot these days! Jake Peralta, the talented yet childish NYPD detective in Brooklyn Nine-Nine, the tough but timeless Captain Raymond Holt, and his teammates Rosa Diaz, Terry Jeffords, Amy Santiago, Charles Boyle, Gina Linetti, Michael Hitchcock and Norm He tells us the funny and exciting moments between Scully. The remarkable characteristics of everyone in the team and their bond with each other will make you laugh and you will feel very good while watching!

Seinfeld (IMDb: 8,8)


“A drama about nothing.” A sentence that Larry David and Jerry Seinfeld, the creators of the legendary series, used to present to the channel. Indeed, Seinfeld is a series inspired by the observations of daily life by two comedians who do not care to convey a message. Seen as the best comedy series ever, Seinfeld is a work that continued for 9 seasons and inspired many series that followed. If you are looking for a new series that you can connect deeply and wish to spend a long time on, you can start Seinfeld right away.

Friends (IMDb: 8,9)    


Despite 25 years after its release, is there anyone left who hasn’t heard of Friends, a series that can still drive the whole world crazy? The actors of the series, which is about the cheerful life of 6 friends living in New York, still continue to earn money thanks to the series. If you have an interest in the 90s, if you are looking for a series that will warm your heart, or if you think “what the hell is this Friends””, we suggest you give the series a chance.

The Office (US) (IMDb: 8,9)

The Office, which has the title of the most watched series on Netflix, is a 9-season comedy series with an occasionally embarrassing dark humor. The American version, adapted from Ricky Gervais’s British TV series of the same name, stars Steve Carrell, John Krasinski, Rainn Wilson and Jenna Fischer. The series, which is about the office of a paper company in the American countryside, has very original jokes. If you enjoy British comedy and are looking for something to laugh about, The Office is for you.

Editor’s Note: It takes some time to get used to the series, but as of season 2, a great series awaits you!

Veep (IMDb: 8,3)


Julia Louis-Dreyfus, Elaine of Seinfeld, one of the most watched TV series all over the world, reveals how assertive she is in American comedy with Veep. Veep, which started to be one of the leading political comedy series with the release of its first season in 2012, was actually written as an adaptation of the British production The Thick of It. The series, which has been nominated for an Emmy every year for 7 seasons, revolves around Vice President Selina Meyer, played by Julia Louis-Dreyfus. Former Senator Meyer is now vice president, but this job is not what he imagined. Meyer and his team are struggling to get out of the political game in Washington and to make themselves accepted.

Arrested Development (IMDb: 8,7)


In Arrested Development, one of the most popular sitcoms of the 2000s, we follow the members of the very wealthy Bluth family and the tragicomic events that happened to them. After the arrest of father Bluth, who was imprisoned for corruption in the family business, the funny struggle of the family comes to your rescue when you want to clear your mind. The fact that each family member has a different perspective and unique character traits add variety to the story, increasing your laugh rate.

30 Rock (IMDb: 8,2)


Although 30 Rock said goodbye to the screens, it is still among the most watched comedy series today. The series, named after “30 Rockfeller Center”, the address of NBC studios in New York;  It tells the business and private life of Liz Lemon, the lead scriptwriter of The Girlie Show, and focuses on the conflicts between Liz and Jack. We would like to draw attention to the name Liz Lemon; One of America’s most famous comedians, Tina Fey, who plays that character, is also the producer of the TV series 30 Rock. Promising whimsy, intrigue, and lots of laughter, 30 Rock series won an Emmy for Outstanding Comedy Series. Alec Boldwin, one of the actors of the series, returned from the Golden Globe Awards with the best comedy actor award.

The Big Bang Theory (IMDb: 8,1)


The Big Bang Theory, which is about the hilarious relationship between roommate experimental physicist and theoretical physicist and waitress/actress opposite neighbors, aerospace engineer colleagues, and an astrophysicist working in the same place, has had an ossified fan base since it began airing in 2007. So much so that a spin-off called Young Sheldon was released from the series. The comedy series, which focuses on science and science fiction, is ideal for those who want to start an enjoyable series that will kill time.

Fleabag (IMDb: 8,7)


Based on Phoebe Waller-Bridge’s one-man play, Fleabag is one of the most popular TV series of recent times. The series, which was thought to be a single season, was loved so much that after 3 years, Waller-Brdige, who appeared before us as a screenwriter, producer and the lead, decided to continue the story. Although it looks like a sitcom, the series, which has a very pessimistic atmosphere, tells the family and love life of Fleabag character. The second and final season, which aired in 2019, managed to take home many awards at the Emmy Awards!

Modern Family (IMDb: 8,4)


What would a modern family be like? A typical American family with three children on one side. On the one hand, a grandfather who marries a young Latin woman and becomes a stepfather to her son. On the one hand, the same grandfather’s gay son and his son’s partner. Yes, these three families come together to form a large and modern family, and as you can tell from the name, the series tells about the ups and downs of this cute family and their very funny lives.

Best Crime / Crime TV Shows

Sherlock (IMDb: 9,1)


In an attempt to adapt the classics to the 21st century, Sherlock is a series that started as a mini-series but met with its audience for 4 seasons with the interest it received, with the BBC’s incomprehensible, intelligent scenario and its pace that advises you to follow it. The pilot episode was so popular that it was brought to the screen with a 90-minute reshoot instead of 60 minutes, and the seasons, consisting of three episodes of approximately 1.5 hours, were watched over and over again as the season breaks got longer. It would be useful to add that Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman are a great duo. If it’s been a long time since you watched the series, we recommend that you start again.

The Americans (IMDb: 8,4)


Set in the 80’s during the American-Russian Cold War, The Americans live like husband and wife; but it tells the lives of a couple who were originally KGB agents. The series, which connects its viewers to itself due to its closeness to real life, also contains impressive details for those who are curious about the espionage actions in the eras lacking today’s technology. Although he is not known much because he is not advertised much, he deserves a chance as he left many ceremonies, including the Golden Globe, with an award.

Narcos (IMDb: 8,8)


Narcos, which tells the story of the world-famous Colombian drug smuggler Pablo Escobar, made a lot of noise in its first year. The series, in which you will watch the activities of DEA agents Javier Pena and Steve Murphy in this process, tells the audience both the rise and fall of Escobar. As of the third season, the series focusing on the Cali Cartell; With its new series called Narcos: Mexico, it focuses on drug traffickers in Mexico. This magnificent series, which we watch while holding our breath, will meet with the television audience for the first time on FilmBox, the leading movie and series channel of Turkish television, as of January 7, 2020.

Editor’s note: Pedro Pascal, whom we know from Game of Thrones, and the wonderful music of the series are among the details that add color to the series.

OZ (IMDb: 8,7)


OZ, which was the most striking TV series between the years 1997-2003, is also the abbreviation of the American prison named Oswald State Correctional Facility, where it was staged. The philosophical dose in the narrative of the story, which revolves around neo-Nazis, African Americans, motor gangs, Sicilian mafia, Muslims, Irish, Latinos and other prisoners in prison, makes you somehow tolerate the extreme violence it contains. However, we recommend that you be prepared for everything while watching.

Mindhunter (IMDb: 8,6)


Mindhunter, Netflix’s psychological thriller series, was confirmed for a second season months before the first season was released, according to rumors. Directed by the famous director David Fincher, the series tells how FBI agents uncovered and tackled the concept of serial killer.

City on a Hill (IMDb: 7,5)

Produced by Hollywood’s successful duo Ben Affleck and Matt Damon, the series deals with the phenomenon known as the “Boston Miracle”. Events unfold through the alliance of an African-American district attorney from Brooklyn who advocates change and a veteran FBI employee who is still respected despite his detour.

Fringe (IMDb: 8,4)


The detective series Fringe, in which mysterious criminal events are solved with scientific mysteries, opens the doors of the special department established by an FBI agent and the scientist and his gifted son, who desire to go beyond time. On the one hand, while solving the mysterious events that have been renewed, on the other hand, the story of the scientist’s transcending himself and his previous works is handled as a bottom wave. Although JJ Abrams is the producer of the series, although it is compared to the X-Files in its early days, the course of events goes to quite different dimensions over the course of five seasons.

Killing Eve (IMDb: 8,3)


The series, which is an adaptation of the 4-book series of Luke Jennings, the story of an assassin, attracted attention as one of the most talked about productions in 2018. The acting in the series, which tells the story of an agent working in the British Intelligence Service, chasing a psychopathic assassin, is impressive.

The Wire (IMDb: 9,3)


The Wire, which was selected as the “Best Series” at different times by magazines such as TIME, The Guardian, and Entertainment Weekly with its realistic and deep expression and broadcast on the American HBO channel; a drama, police and thriller genre. Bringing many unseen parts of the city of Baltimore to the screens, The Wire tells the story of the police war on drugs in the back streets of the city and contains real and interesting information about the drug trade in the police-politics-mafia triangle.

The Sopranos (IMDb: 9,2)


The Sopranos, which is broadcast on the American HBO channel and has an all-Italian-Italian cast, is a series that is described as the best series ever and has been nominated in 303 categories, winning 5 Golden Globes. The Soprano Family is an American-Italian mafia family living in New Jersey. The series deals with the lives of father Tony Soprano and other family members with the concepts of crime, drama, relationships and family.

Best Sci-Fi & Fantasy TV Shows

Sense 8 (IMDb: 8.4)


Those who love Sense8, which is in the science fiction branch, either love it very much or not at all. The subject, which starts with the fact that 8 different individuals from 8 different points of the world can suddenly feel each other and share the same mind, talents and knowledge in daily life, focuses on the characters’ trying to come together and their struggle against Whispers, the arch-enemy of the Homo sapiens race, which includes these 8 individuals.

Dark (IMDb: 8.7)


Defined as “Stranger Things for Adults”, Dark lives up to its name; It is a dark series that gives the story, the shots, the lights, the colors and even the music choices. Dark, which is Netflix’s first German-made series, takes place in a small town called Winden. The strange events that begin with the disappearance of two teenagers in this town where ordinary lives are lived, lead us to a story full of radioactive leakage, extraordinary experiments, supernatural powers and a time machine. We say dragging because Dark is one of those shows that you can’t let go of even if you wanted to. Dark, which has a very complex plot, is not for those who are looking for a series to distract themselves!

Doctor Who (IMDb: 8,6)


We are talking about a legend, yes; You did not hear wrong! The longest running TV series in British television history, Doctor Who first appeared on the screen in 1963 and never lost its effect as a phenomenon even though it took long breaks. Just as it’s always intriguing to see who the next Bond character will be, portraying Doctor Who made sense. He still does; because the last doctor of the series was a woman for the first time. The production, which brings the blue telephone booth into our lives, opens the doors of a fantastic world for those who love the story of time travel.

Black Mirror (IMDb: 8,8)


The age we live in has frightening realities and consequences that we know but don’t want to see. Here is Black Mirror, a series that focuses on these facts and consequences. The production, which started broadcasting in the English in 2011, was bought by Netflix in 2015 after its success and popularity. Five seasons consisting of different episodes and two films, one of which is the Christmas special, turned into an anthology with the support of the individual in modern society from science fiction. Ideal for those who want to face the darkness of the age.

Westworld (IMDb: 8,6)


The science fiction classic Westworld, reinterpreted by HBO, is a dark adventure about the birth of artificial intelligence and the future of sin. The production, which is very nutritious in terms of cinematography, manages to keep the audience on their toes with a scenario that will require a lot of thought. Knowing that the movie he inspired was shot in 1973 requires a homage to a production beyond its time; because we are talking about a movie that masterfully fictionalized the idea of ​​including robots in people’s daily lives. And it’s a good excuse to once again admire Anthony Hopkins’ sober acting.

Lost (IMDb: 8,3)


Passwords, mysteries, symbols… Lost; It is a production that makes a name for itself even between seasons, by encouraging its viewers to constantly produce theories, and changing the TV series industry from top to bottom. It all starts with the crash of Flight 815, which was on the Sydney-Los Angeles flight. It is possible to say that the series, which is woven with a main story where the plane survivors live, encounter and struggle on an island, and a second story in each episode about a different point in a character’s life, has become a part of American popular culture. Although it disappointed the fans with its finale, we have no doubt that the last 7 seasons will be among the unforgettables of television history.

Stranger Things (IMDb: 8,7)


Stranger Things, the most popular Netflix original series, is a series that has won everyone’s love despite its child characters. Events begin with the disappearance of the character named Will in the science fiction series, which took place in the 80s. Events develop with the mysterious girl named Eleven, who appears when the whole town is united to find Will. In addition to master actors such as Winona Ryder and David Harbor, talented child actors such as Millie Bobbi Brown are also eye-catching.

Game of Thrones (IMDb: 9,3)


There isn’t much to say about this series… Game of Thrones, which has taken over the whole world more and more after the Lost craze, has succeeded in carrying the series industry to another dimension with its production in addition to its story. The production, which is one of the most successful series in putting the idea of ​​”the main character will not die” to the opposite corner, left its mark on the agenda with its deep character stories and its very impressive scenario, especially in the first seasons. Game of Thrones, which introduced talented actors such as Kit Harington, Emilia Clarke, and Sophie Turner, thanks to the series that started with almost unknown actors, is for you if you are looking for a series that you want to isolate from the world!

Best Mini-Series

Pride and Prejudice (1995) (IMDb: 7,8)


Although the Jane Austin novel has been transferred to the screen dozens of times, we watched the most dramatic and successful example with the BBC mini-series. Filmed in Cheshire and played by Colin Firth, Mr. Famous for the famous lake scene of Darcy’s character, Pride and Prejudice is an impressive six-part adaptation.

Band of Brothers (IMDb: 9,4)


“There were times when the world asked ordinary men to do extraordinary things.” II. The story of the 101st Airborne Company, known as the Easy Company in World War II, was one of them. Bringing the brotherhood, bonds and the inevitable reality of war between the soldiers of the division to the screen with a 10-episode series, Band of Brothers is adapted from the novel of the same name written by historian and biographer Stephen Ambrose. The story was fed and supported by interviews with the survivors of the squadron and the books written by the soldiers who survived the war. The big-budget and award-winning production is a good alternative to heroic stories.

Roots (IMDb: 8,4)


The first series, adapted from Alex Haley’s 1976 novel Roots: The Saga of an American Family , came to the screen in 1977 with the same name. We are talking about a 2016 production. With a better production and more accurate historical narration than the first, the mini-series takes a chronological look at the reality of slavery in the 18th century.

Generation Kill (IMDb: 8,5)


Generation Kill is a series that examines the dysfunctional and unquestionable heroism of the military through the stories of a group of sailors of different characters during the 2003 American invasion of Iraq. What makes the mini-series so interesting is that it tells the events from the inside; because you are watching a fiction about the military order rather than conflict. It promises a thought-provoking viewing experience for those who are interested in the psychology and sociology of the war rather than the war itself.

Manhunt: Unabomber (IMDb: 8,1)


One of Netflix’s most impressive series, the one-season mini-series tells the story of Ted Kaczynski, who carried out 16 bombing attacks between 1978-1995 and was never traced. In this case, which is the longest unsolved case in the history of the FBI, FBI crime scientist Jim Fitzgerald’s development of a technique that has never been used before and the story of the murderer’s capture draws attention.

Bodyguard (IMDb: 8,1)


The series, which deals with the events that develop when an Afghanistan War veteran is the bodyguard of the British Home Secretary, is ideal for thrill lovers. Richard Madden, known for Game of Thrones, plays the leading role in the series, which deals with the intrigues of politics. The series, which has 6 episodes, also managed to collect awards.

The Loudest Voice (IMDb: 7,9)


The 7-episode mini-series, which takes the audience on a journey in the very recent past, is about the founding story of America’s #1 cable channel, Fox News, and its founder, Roger Ailes. The series, which includes important names such as Russell Crowe, Sienna Miller and Naomi Watts, emphasizes the effects of the media on politics and the public in a very impressive way by focusing on the event of a different year, from the September 11 Events to the US elections. Of course, Ailes’ abuse incidents are not overlooked in the series, which can be interesting to watch as well as frustrating from time to time.

When They See Us (IMDb: 8,9)


It is a mini-series with only 4 episodes, telling the story of 5 teenagers who were accused of raping a woman running in New York’s Central Park in 1989. In the series, which has an impressive cast, we also see master names such as Joshua Jackson. We recommend the series, where the story is really heavy and sad to digest, for those who like scenarios adapted from real stories.

American Crime Story (IMDb: 8,4)


One of the most important series creators of the 2010s, Ryan Murphy’s popular American Crime Story series is among our suggestions for a mini-series, as it tells a different story every season . The series, which takes place in the USA and draws the attention of the whole world, tells the true crime stories, has 2 seasons so far. In the first season, which tells the story of famous athlete OJ Simpson, the case process of Simpson, who is accused of murdering his ex-wife and his wife’s lover, is discussed. In the first season of the series, which managed to collect many awards, important names such as Sarah Paulson and John Travolta took place.or. In its second season, we are watching the gruesome story of the death and murderer of the famous Italian fashion designer Gianni Versace, a murder that has resonated throughout the world. Again an ambitious cast, the cast includes Penelope Cruz, Ricky Martin and Darren Criss. The series, which will appear with a slightly different concept in its third season, will focus on the sexual harassment incidents involving American President Bill Clinton in the White House.

Chernobyl (IMDb: 9,4)


Chernobyl, which is about a disaster that happened right next to us in the very recent past, is shown as one of the best mini-series of recent times. We have the chance to watch the world’s most terrible nuclear disaster that occurred in Ukraine in 1986, what happened after it, and the litigation process of the event in the 5-part HBO series that instantly covers it. The production, which managed to convey the terrible atmosphere of the event to the audience, managed to take home many awards, including the Golden Globe.

Sharp Objects (IMDb: 8,1)


HBO’s ambitious psychological thriller and drama series was among the most anticipated series to be released in 2018. Famous actress Amy Adams is a producer and actress. Journalist Camille Preaker is sent to her childhood town to investigate and report on two missing girls.

Homecoming (IMDb: 7,5)


Adapted from the podcast series, the series features Julia Roberts’ first small screen experience. There are 10 episodes of the series about what happens to a psychologist who works as a consultant at Homecoming company, which was established to adapt the soldiers to civilian life. An ideal series alternative for The Sinner and Dark fans to watch.

Best Period TV Shows

Downtown Abbey (IMDb: 8,7)


England on the brink of World War I, yet when it is transferred over a noble family home in the social, economic, and social developments stylish costumes and MEK â brings to the Downton Abbey. The production, which left with an award without exception from the ceremonies it was nominated for between 2010-2015 when it was published, was also brought to the silver screen in 2019 with the same team.

Broadwalk Empire (IMDb: 8,5)


Broadwalk Empire, adapted from Nelson Johnson’s novel of the same name, puts its audience in the middle of the complex web of relations between gangsters and politicians between 1920-1933, when the sale, production and distribution of liquor for consumption was prohibited in the USA. It is a successful and award-winning production that received the approval of the second season from HBO in a short time after 4.8 million people watched its first episode, and maintained its own rhythm throughout the 5 seasons it was broadcast. If you haven’t watched this series, which is considered one of the cornerstones of television history, we recommend that you add it to your list.

Rome (IMDb: 8,7)


We go to the year 49 BC, the Roman Empire under Caesar. One of the highest budget productions of HBO’s era, Rome instantly draws you in with its extraordinary stage and costume design. The drama with a high dose of intrigue and sex nearly dominated the 2006 and 2007 Primetime Emmys. Although the series made its finale after two seasons due to its high budget, which made the production so spectacular, it managed to get its name written on the must-watch list in a short time.

Spartacus (IMDb: 8,5)


Transferring concepts such as status and hierarchy from one of the most important examples in the depths of history, Spartacus was inspired by the gladiators, the pioneers of the great slave revolt launched against the Roman Empire between 73-71 BC. The series, which met its audience with three seasons called Blood and Sand, Deities of the Arena and Revenge, is worth watching with its drama as well as its legend engraved in history. We especially recommend it for those who like 300 and Gladiator movies.

Vikings (IMDb: 8,5)


Taking the warrior and farmer Ragnar Lothbrok, who is the subject of the epics, at its center, Vikings conveys the journeys, lives, battles and rituals of the Vikings with a well-chosen cast and well-studied visuals. Considering that the series was broadcast on the History channel, it can be said that it has a rich content in terms of historical touches. Since the pace of development and pace of change of events in the series, which is currently published in the 6th season, does not decrease for a moment, it always keeps the attention awake. You may even be given the chance to explore Viking mythology and beliefs.

The Crown (IMDB: 8.7)


The Crown, which is about the life of Queen Elizabeth II of England, tells the important events that have been engraved in history, starting from the queen’s youth, from her marriage to her accession to the throne. Not only the Queen, but also the active life of her sister Margaret plays a very important role in the series. Since the Netflix-made series continues by skipping a period in two seasons, it updates the cast due to the aging of the characters. It would not be wrong to say that the popularity of The Crown, which has 3 seasons so far, has increased even more after the confirmation by the producers that the information that it will continue to cover the Princess Diana events.

Peaky Blinders (IMDb: 8,8)


After the First World War in Birmingham last series Peaky Blinders is a hiker’s gang â tells the eating. The style of the characters, the most compelling Peaky Blinders details until the music directory, winning our hearts rise of the Shelby family hike â quite successful in conveying to the audience. If you like unexpected events, excitement and curiosity, this series is for you!

The Tudors (IMDb: 8,1)


Period TV series, and especially the series that will be liked by British history buffs, tells the life of England’s most memorable and historically important King Henry the 8th. This interesting King, who married 6 times and caused the execution of several of his wives, wanted a divorce for Anne Boleyn from his first wife, Henry, who made England protestant. For those who are looking for a series with lots of intrigue but also instructive, this series, which draws attention with its cast of Natalie Dormer and Jonathan Ryce Meyers, is on our recommendation list.

Best Adult Animations

Rick and Morty (IMDb: 9,2)


The series, which is about the adventures of Rick, the crazy scientist who is an alcoholic as well as being a great genius, and his 14-year-old grandson Morty, who goes wherever he goes, is one of the most popular adult animated series. The destinations of Rick and Morty, who travel between dimensions, are strange and fun. The team, who went on an adventure with Freedy Krueger in the world of Inception in one episode, can spend another episode inside a human anatomy.

The Simpsons (IMDb: 8,7)


The oldest adult animation on the list, The Simpsons is also the longest-running American animated program. Sequence, who lives in a fictional town called Springfield, Homer, Marge, Bart, Lisa and satirical of an American middle-class family consisting of Maggie hiker â is processing the food. The series, which starts each episode with a different credits, carries a different social, political or cultural reference both in the episode and in the credits.

BoJack Horseman (IMDb: 8,7)


Netflix made Originals series, in a world where people live together with animals, bojack hiker at Horseman is an old â is about the food. The main character of the series, actor BoJack, who became famous as the star of the television series Horsin’ Around in the 80s and 90s, now spends his days in Hollywood complaining about everything and doing nothing. While shedding light on BoJack’s depressive and dark world, the series also deals with his Hollywood life and those around him. At the same time, real-life artists are also frequent guests of the series. BoJack Horseman gives very clear clues about the characters with the trailer.

Best Teen TV Shows

Euphoria (IMDb: 8,4)


Euphoria, one of the most popular productions of the past year, deals with the relationship of the Z generation with social media, sex, drugs and depression with a disturbing reality. The series, which has created a great deal of controversy from the first episode because of the hard-to-watch and triggering scenes, begins when 17-year-old Rue returns home after spending the whole summer in a rehabilitation center. With each new episode, we delve deeper into Rue’s life and one of the biggest elements that strengthens the series is the successful performance of Zendaya, who gives life to the character, while the other is the supporting characters brought to life by young names such as Hunter Schafer and Barbie Ferreira, unlike what we have seen in many TV series. extremely impressive hike âto have manes. Pull up attention with unusual character of the subject to fashion magazines all over the world and inspiration boards adorning the series, unusual hike â to eat and pushing the boundaries of construction lovers.

Skins (IMDb: 8,2)


Although Game of Thrones is famous for killing favorite characters out of the blue, there were Skins before that. The British series about the lives of a group of high school teenagers living in Bristol was famous for killing characters in unexpected and sometimes very unusual ways between 2007 and 2013. The most interesting aspect of the series, which is almost tasked to draw attention to extremely important and serious issues such as personality disorders, parental problems, death, substance abuse, homosexuality and anorexia, is that the cast changes completely every two years. 7 3 hiker different generations throughout the season â describing the very young to the amateur players and staff writer Skins, the comedy drama offers one of the most beautiful examples.

Gossip Girl (IMDb: 7,4)


A series of Gossip Girls whose words ¨Hey Upper East Siders¨ have been ringing in our ears for years… Serena, Blair, Chuck and Nate, who grew up in the elite and wealthy part of New York, kept the audience on the screen for 5 years with the events and intrigues that developed after they met Dan from Brooklyn. in the blocking series; From the first episode, there is only one question in your mind ¨Who is this Gossip Girl?¨ For seasons we have witnessed how a website called Gossip Girl, 5 friends whose lives have changed with their blog posts about the children of Manhattan’s popular families, save themselves from all kinds of situations with clever games… Serena and Blair The true friendship that underlies his incredible fights, The main idea of ​​the series was that Blair and Chuck’s love that defies all obstacles and that Serena and Dan do not give up on each other despite all the processes they went through. The unique styles of these two friends were also very interesting in the series where you chose your side from time to time as Serenacı and from time to time as Blairist. For 6 seasons, Gossip Girl’s owner of the website is quite surprising in the series that makes you think whether it is Serena’s brother Eric or Blair’s sidekick Dorota.
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