Best strategy games list

Best strategy games list – Top 10 computer (Pc) and mobile strategy game recommendations to play

As computer technology develops, the quality and variety of games played on the computer increases. With the development of smart mobile devices, it is possible to play anywhere with the advantage of mobile games. There are games to be played in different categories on computer and mobile devices. One of them is strategy games. We have compiled for you the 10 best strategy games that you can play on computer and mobile devices.

Strategy games have a special place in the computer game world. Managing armies, establishing a state, jumping the age reveals the fantasy world of the players. There are strategy games in this area where you can showcase and reveal your skills. You can play some of them on both computer and mobile devices. Many games can now be played on computers and mobile devices thanks to utilities. When you download the necessary program, you can install the game you play on mobile on your PC.

1- XCom; stands out as one of the best turn-based strategy games online. In the game, the effort of the aliens to invade the world and the struggle of the earthlings against it are discussed. You run the game as the head of the mission to save the world.

2- The Battle of Polytopia; It is one of the best turn-based strategy games. In the game, starting from a tribe, you are on a journey towards the empire. You develop your tribe and invade tribes.

3- Mafia City; It is a game to build your own mafia empire and city. By forming a team, you train them and send them to war. To become the mafia boss, you must eliminate other mafia members, their bosses.

4- Megapolis; It allows you to build the metropolis of your dreams. You are making a realistic city planning. With Megapolis, you find answers to questions such as how to build a city, how to manage a city, by playing.

5- Zombie Anarchy; In the new world order, you must be vigilant against zombies to protect your camp and survive. You have modern weapons to kill zombies. You are trying to kill the zombies and find the survivors.

You start the city building with mega-paper money. As your level increases and your online connection time is long, you do not have a problem with megapapers. As your city grows, so does your population. At the same time, your duties are increasing. As you complete the tasks, you understand what it means to run a city.

6-Age of Empires II; It is considered the ancestor of strategy games. The game takes place in the middle ages and around 13 civilizations. You build your tribe and your army. You fight with the surrounding tribes and try to develop. Your progress from tribe to empire progresses as you win battles and loot.

7- Civilization V; It brought a new approach to the Civilization series. You take control of a civilization across a wide spectrum from prehistoric times to the future on randomly generated maps. . In the game; There are types of gains such as research, exploration, diplomatic moves, expansions, economic developments, administration and military conquests.

8 WarCraft III; There are four scenarios separated according to races, and the Frozen Throne has three scenarios separated in the same way, with a bonus scenario added to them. You choose a race in the game and complete the Human, Undead, Orc, Night Elf quests. In the meantime, you continue to establish and develop your village and train your soldiers.

9-Geor Tactics; You fight against monsters with the four characters you manage. Your main task is to catch the villain that produces these monsters. You are raising the level of your soldiers. You collect the loot you get with different missions.

10- Wasteland 3; You play the game in the frozen land of Colorado. You are struggling to survive after the apocalypse. You make choices, collect items and try to strengthen your character. There are plenty of dialogues and battles in the game.